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Ongoing: Click here for 15%-off EVERY ORDER at EyeBuyDirect This is the best ongoing deal on the internet for EyeBuyDirect!
Goggles4U drops prices, drops additional discount codes. People are concerned, but this is still one of the best places to buy online. Link!

Many of you already know that your flex-spending accounts can be used for eyeglasses. Depending on your plan, you may only have a couple of days left to use that money or forfeit it to the plan administrators.

You don't want that.

$39DollarGlasses is giving it's customers (and potential customers) an extra reason to "drain that account". Get yourself or loved one a new pair of specs from one of my favorites.

Use code: FSA15 at this link to get $15-off each pair of eyeglasses!

NOTE: The IRS has instituted a grace period of 2 1/2-months after a plan year ends in which you can submit receipts for FSA expenses. If your plan ends Dec 31, you have until March 15. If your plan-year ended on October 15th, HURRY UP!

*** Ends 1/2/2011 (2011?!?!) at 12:00AM. ***

(Your discount will show up in the cart)

Pretty sure this one ends this weekend.

Here's the link and the details:

This has always been my favorite
EyeBuyDirect sale. Each year, I buy at least one of these in order to truly get 50%-off. I find the glasses I want, price them out with the features I'd like and buy the appropriate voucher to do the deal.

It's a great way to get all the things you need at an already great price and then hack half of that off!

There are restrictions and this deal won't last forever. It's also not the easiest thing to find on the website, but here's how you do it.

Click here to go to EyeBuyDirect -- directly.

You're going to see a big advertising area in the middle of the page. You can watch this scroll through the offers for 30 seconds or so, or click the "Gift Vouchers 50% off" link currently to the bottom right of this area.

Here's a screen capture of the pertinent area:

The vouchers are one-time-use, meaning use the full amount because you're not getting money back.

Have a friend or relative who is hesitant to buy online? BOOM! Your holiday shopping could be over in moments.

If you get a chance to think about yourself today, take a look at some of these great online eyeglasses sales:

All of these sales end today, Monday, November 29th.


It's been quite awhile since a retailer approached me with a different approach -- and more importantly a different inventory filled with so many name brand frames.

We're entering a time where it appears that most of the sites have begun to bleed into each other a bit, each borrowing what they assume is working well with the competition. This isn't necessarily a bad thing for consumers looking for a good deal as much of this change has been focused on efficiencies and competing on price.

Eyeglasses123 is also competing on price, but there is a difference. They carry a large selection of designer frames at the lowest prices I've found online. Each week I get a couple of emails asking where to find a specific frame online. Up until now, I've pointed people towards FramesDirect or BestBuyEyeglasses as they've each done a decent job at lining up massive selections of designer frames at less than designer prices.

I randomly chose a couple of frames from Eyeglasses123 and searched the other two sites. Here is what I found:
Prada 17GV

Eyeglasses123 FramesDirect BestBuyEyeglasses
$120.00 $153.00 $162.99

Ray-Ban RX 6124

Eyeglasses123 FramesDirect BestBuyEyeglasses
$88.20 $144.88 $104.99

It's been difficult to get an "apples-to-apples" comparison for online eyeglasses at the discount level, but this is it. A pretty remarkable price differences for genuine name-brand eyeglasses. But don't forget...


There is no comparison. If you want to order current name brands online, this is now the place to go.

Eyeglasses123 doesn't have the breadth of selection that BestBuyEyeglasses has, but they whip them on price -- and the selection of designer frames is excellent, easily the best in the discount class. They're not closeouts either, if you're looking for something from a more recent season.

Not interested in name brands? Eyeglasses123 offers a number of nice collections of house brands that will satisfy many of you looking for something different. For me their bold Vintage eye-wear priced between $38 and $78 hits the mark. They're not the cheapest for the generics, but they're certainly the cheapest for brands like Georgio Armani, Gucci, Burberry, Hugo Boss, Claiborne and dozens more.

The site is designed very well, starting with the search and filtering. Drilling down into the collection will present you with a manageable selection to choose from, and save you from extreme choice paralysis. Filter by gender, price, shape, material and more. It's fun to shop for eyeglasses -- even more so when you don't have to scroll through pages of styles you're not interested in!

They're located in the United States which will cut down on delivery times and ease returns. The return policy is decent as well -- 14 days after delivery for any reason, and they'll pay return shipping if the item is defective or damaged.

I ordered and received a very nice pair of eyeglasses from Eyeglasses123 and will have the full review up in the next couple of days.

Take a look and see if they fit your needs.

Big thanks to the people at 39DollarGlasses for dropping off a $20-off per pair promotion to help with the celebration.

From now until November 17th, you'll save big on online eyeglasses from one of the originals.

Here's the link and thanks again guys!

Goggles4U is the first to send over birthday congratulations!

Here's a link and a code (98yh24) for $10-off (except re-lensing).

Use it!

Ends on November 20th.

Thanks guys!

Four years ago today, I started the GlassyEyes site after getting my first two pairs of online eyeglasses and posting about them on my personal blog. It's changed my life. I now have lost count of the pairs I own and the money I've saved. I no longer fret about breaking my glasses and have been able to justify the cost of prescription sunglasses -- a luxury for most.

Through those four years, I've gotten so much help in spreading the word. The forums and comments are rife with helpfulness and sharing. I'm not keen on shouting in an empty room, and this has never been empty -- from day one. You're the ones who've made this what it is. I thank you.

What's next? I'm in the process of evaluating and giving a bit of advice to a couple of new retailers. Updates will appear as my orders are fulfilled. There are more choices now than ever. Quality is improving as retailers learn from past mistakes.

I'll keep working to make sure that you get the best deals on good eyeglasses and that you'll get satisfaction when things don't go as they should.

Thanks again and look for some special "birthday deals" in the coming hours!

My dad had cataracts a few years back and had the surgery that gave him essentially the eyes of a 45 year-old -- he can see distances fine, but still needs glasses for reading. He and many of his contemporaries are always asking me for advice on reading glasses. They can be expensive at the corner drug store, and as I'm finding as I get older it becomes easier and easier each year to lose things of this size.

The first thing that struck me about this place is the name. It's perfect. It speaks to it's audience and provides a WIDE array of reading glasses or "cheaters" for the "baby boomers".

You'll find a hell of a lot more style options in this store than you'll find on that spinning display at Walgreens that the kids are always playing with.

Had the neighbor order a pair and they arrived quickly and worked perfectly.

Prices start at $4.99 and shipping maxes out at $5.99 no matter how many pairs you order. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee on everything.

Give them a try yourself (or let mom and dad know) and get 10% off on over 3000 Reading Glasses. Use code: BOOMERGO

Today marks the beginning of the fourth year of this online eyeglasses adventure. My glasses broke on October 24, 2006, but I didn't decide to order online until the 27th -- when I realized just how much I could save.

There is another related anniversary coming up in the next couple of weeks -- the Fourth Anniversary of the site itself. Hoping to have a couple of nice deals to mark the occasion.

Also, keep tuned for reviews on a couple of new sites to add to the mix -- at least one of which specializes in affordable name-brands!

More soon!

The exclusive deal ended late last week, but you can still get $15-off on each pair at 39DollarGlasses until Sunday, October 31st.

Use this link and the code "FALL15" to save as much as 38%!

On Friday, I gave you the three day warning. If you've been putting it off, you've still got the rest of the day -- TODAY (Monday) -- to get your two pairs of eyeglasses for roughly the price of one.

The link is the same and is RIGHT HERE.

I'm never sure when these are going to happen, so when they do, I usually take them up on a couple of pairs at a really nice price. They've also tacked on additional discounts on thinner lenses.

They have some nice new styles too.

Here's the link.

If you're in the market for some new glasses, this is a great deal. Hundreds have already taken part and you have one more day to join them.

Here's the link!

Pardon the brevity, but I'm away from my desk for a couple of days.

I'm not sure that this is related entirely to EyeBuyDirect being mentioned on something called "Dr. Oz" last week or not, but at any rate they've decided to turn up the wick and bring back their most popular offer until October 25th.

This is always a huge promotion and as always, early orders get the benefit of the typical first-in-first-out processing (so come on payday!).

They've added a number of new frames and some of them are quite decent and hip fall/winter looks -- I'm looking at you, Sacramento, Glarus and Bakersfield.

There are always disclaimers on sales like these, but suffice it to say, your second frame with basic lenses is free. Add-ons are extra per pair, but they're subtracting an additional 15% for 1.57 lenses and 20% for 1.6 lenses. This is a solid deal especially with their reasonable coating prices.

Order Now.

Since I started the site, 39DollarGlasses has always given the visitors at GlassyEyes a good price on quality glasses. I got an email today telling me that they're lowering the price for the next 10 days another $15-per pair.

This is a great time to order a set of fall frames, maybe something a little bigger -- and bolder -- than you've been wearing.

This promotion ends on October 22nd, so CLICK HERE to act now.

As is so often the case, the deals tend to all come at the same time. Within moments of posting the FramesDirect thing, I got notification of another 30%-off sale at Goggles4U. Goggles4U is one of my original retailers from my very first pair of simultaneous orders.

They have a massive selection, and seem to have added even more name-brand closeouts at prices ranging from excellent to less-than-excellent-but-also-less-than-everyone-else.

Check them out and use code "Deal" to get 30%-off for the next 72 or so hours.

I get some email regularly from people who are looking for deals on a particular name-brand frame. I typically tell them that this is not the point of the glassyeyes blog, but I could be more helpful. There are deals to be had on name-brand frames and one of the places that I know delivers the goods is FramesDirect.

I've had neighbors looking for non-prescription sunglasses and co-workers who just had to have that name brand embossed into the temple. FramesDirect worked for them.

The only reason I bring this up, is that they're having a 3 Day Sale using the aptly-named coupon code "3DaySale". This ends October 1.

The deal is, you get $50-off of frames WITH lens purchase over $109. That's not a tough bar to reach with them -- they're much more expensive than my favorites over to the left, BUT much less expensive than the place at the mall -- with an even larger selection.

The low-down is, you're going to spend $45 or so for basic plastic single vision lenses without UV. You're going to want UV protection for $15. Anti-reflective (AR) coating starts at $45.

If it were me, I'd get something classic, like these Shurons for $92.

Then I'd add the basic plastic lenses, skip the AR (as no one had AR back in the age of Mad Men) and add UV coating. With the $50-off you're looking at about $112 and much, much less than you'd pay elsewhere. I'm sure you can find frames for less as I didn't really want to spend too much time perusing brands I can't stand.

My guess is this will be useful to some of you.

Sales like these do one more thing for me -- they validate the fact that markups are HUGE in eyeglass frames and lenses.

Because they've known it's a scam all along -- and scammers are rarely scammed.

Anywhere medicine meets fashion, you're looking at an environment ripe for ridiculous pricing and less than durable products. The moment brand licensing entered the picture this industry lost respectability.

When marketing becomes more important than the product, the product quality inevitably loses out.

Need some more examples to this hypothesis? How about a SpongeBob joke book, or the Chicago Cubs.

What they want you to think is eye insurance is little more than a marketing campaign by the manufacturer/retailer. 

If it continues down this path, how long will it be until we can no longer use pre-tax dollars in our health savings accounts to pay for eyeglasses?

The only way this changes is if we vote with our wallets.

Looking for a way to do something good with your old eyeglasses? Find a box.

The Lion's Club has been recycling eyeglasses and getting them to faces of people in need around the world for many years. They say it costs them $0.08 per pair to rehab them and distribute.

There used to be a time that you could find a Lion's Club box on the top of the cigarette machine at every local supper club and pizzeria -- back when people smoked and were places called supper clubs and pizzerias.

Ahh, those halcyon days of the late 70's.

Nearly everything that was simple and good about the time of my childhood has been replaced by Walmart. This is not an exception.

I typically try to avoid Walmart. This is an exception.

They extended it once at the end of the month, but this is the end. It's a great day to save yourself up to 50% of your eyeglasses purchase or try out a retailer you've yet to use at a price that is hard to pass up.

Here's the link that will give you $20-off per pair of prescription eyeglasses.

Ends September 7.

It's been a year or so since my last informal letter to the retailers.

In that time, not a lot has changed, except that their customers have a much easier time of offering praise for successes -- and quite often anger at their failures. If you don't know anything about Twitter or Facebook at this point, it's possibly a lost cause.

Wake up!

It only takes one ugly incident to take the starch out of your monthly sales goals. Mess up with someone who has 10,000 followers and the "viral" you've been seeking will happen -- in exactly the opposite way you'd planned. You live and breathe online-only, you don't have the uninformed "walk-up" sales of the mall stores to prop you up. A prominent link to a complaint may live mere pixels from that google ad you're spending so much on.

The vast majority of purchase experiences are wonderful. Concentrate on the others and be responsive!

Don't, uh, defecate where you eat.

Just got a call from 39DollarGlasses offering to extend the $20-off discount another week.

The timing is great.

There is an influx of new visitors this week due to the AlterNet article, and giving people a chance to get their prescription together is very helpful.

If you're new, please start with this article to see what the process entails -- it's really not that daunting.

Click here to get $20-off per pair!

Runs through Labor Day.

This one is less confusing than the last. Looks like a straight 30%-off.

Anti-reflective, anti-scratch and UV-filter coatings are included.

Click here and use code: "MySavings"

Ends on Friday.

I've already gotten three emails this morning on how to deal with pupillary distance -- or PD. Here's a link to my most popular article on how to get PD yourself, or with the help of a friend. Be sure to read the comments. There are a number of ways to do this. Try a few of them and compare your results.

The easier way is to demand it from your eye doctor. Feel free to chastise her for failing you if she refuses to provide it. Depending on where you live, it may even be illegal for her to withhold it.

No matter your politics, Anneli Rufus' article does a good job of explaining why you've been paying too much -- and hopefully why all of that is changing.

Keep reading for active deals!

If you're new to GlassyEyes, please "Like" the site (up above), or follow me on Twitter (@glassyeyes) for occasional updates, tips, and deals.

If you're an optometrist who is open to working with patients who want to shop online, please get in touch with me. I'm exploring the possibility of launching a list to match patients with friendly, qualified eye doctors across the United States and Canada.

Interested? Click here to drop me a note of interest.

Prescription sunglasses. I could never afford them when I was getting fleeced by Lenscrafters, and now I'm never without a pair. For as little as $8 more than a non-tinted pair, you're able to go all day in the sun without the eye fatigue and the premature crow's feet.

I carry a pair in my work bag, one in each car and even leave a pair in my bike bag in case I forget to grab a pair on the way out.

They're not just for the (fleeting) days of summer. I find them even more useful in the winter as I head out into the blinding reflections of the sun on the new snow.

I bought a UV meter a couple of years ago to verify that I was getting the lenses and coatings I was paying for. All pairs I've ordered have measured up. Don't forget that UV blocking is inherent in polycarbonate material -- so never pay extra for UV protection with polycarbonate lenses. CR-39 (or regular plastic) lenses need the UV coating.

For me, this is one of the biggest benefits of low-cost online prescription eyeglasses. I spend less per pair than my wife does on non-prescription sunglasses.

How many pairs do you have?

The folks at 39DollarGlasses approached me this weekend with a reprise of one of the classic online eyeglasses deals (and first sale from earlier this summer) -- $20-off each pair of eyeglasses.

This is a big one and a great way to try a retailer you may or may not have used in the past.

This deal ends on August 31st, so get in there and find something special -- maybe stock up on some sunglasses?

Click here to give it a whirl.

Goggles4U doesn't do sales all that often, and this one is significant (if not a little confusing).

Here is how it's laid out on the website:

Looks to me that, you can buy a $30 coupon for $20 which you have 30 days to use.

If you see something you like at Goggles4U right now -- or have an eye exam scheduled in the next week or two, this is a great way to save up to 33% on your purchase (if my math is correct).

Click here to take advantage today.

Ends Monday, August 23.

As the end of summer approaches the deals have slowed a bit, but this one from EyeBuyDirect is really sweet.

20%-off your order from now until August 23rd!

Use this link and code "glassy20off" to save 5% more than our normal GlassyEyes discount and a full 10% lower price than anywhere on the internet!

The place to add that coupon code is in the "Shopping Cart" stage of the checkout. Check the "Apply Coupon, Loyalty Dollars and Vouchers" checkbox and enter it in the appropriate spot.

It looks like this:

Act now for best selection!

Deja vu time...

A couple weeks back Goggles4U had a 30%-off online glasses sale. It's back and it lasts until the afternoon of Monday, July 26th.

Click this link and use code "BigSale" to get your 30%-off.

As always, their stock is limited. If you see "the one", order it, because it's liely to be the last one.

Have at it.

So this thing ends at the end of the day on Sunday, the 25th -- 2AM on the 26th for us in the Central Time Zone of the United States.

It's been a BIG SALE and time is definitely running out.

You still have time to get those eyes checked if you need to and get that order in on a couple of great pairs of glasses.

Click here to get going!

It's back! EyeBuyDirect is doing another Buy One Get One sale from Monday, July 12 until Monday, July 26th.

This is always a big hit with a lot of people, both experienced online eyeglasses buyers and newcomers.

One more thing...

For GlassyEyes Readers it STARTS TODAY -- ONE DAY EARLY! 

Get in today before all of the riff-raff start clogging up the order queues! The fact is, EyeBuyDirect is able to handle most of these big sales pretty well, but you'll definitely wait an extra day or two if you delay.

Take advantage today.

See site for further details and clarification.

Erin Schneider, the "Cheap Chick", did a great piece on the site today on the local Twin Cities FOX affiliate. Here it is...

Thanks Erin!

Here's a link to her site, for this and more ways to help stretch your dollars.

Here's a dandy from Goggles4U starting on Saturday afternoon.

Use the code "BigSale" with this link and get 30%-off.

Goggles4U has great prices and almost never goes this low with discounts.

Their stock is limited, so if you think you see something you like, pull the trigger, because it may be the only one.

Good luck!

Ends Tuesday, July 6.

Here goes week two!

EyeBuyDirect has done so much to push the online eyglasses idea into the mainstream over the past few years. They listen to suggestions and they offer a great warranty which has allowed many to get past the nagging question, "What if they don't work?"

They're always apt to toss us a good deal, and this week is no different. In fact there are three good codes to use this week -- all EXCLUSIVE TO GLASSYEYES. One will very likely fit the bill for you.

Deal #1: Click here to get the GlassyEyes 15%-off AND free UV coating -- that's essentially 15%-off + $5 additional discount for a necessary coating for their standard (and my favorite) CR-39 lens.

Deal #2: Click here and use code "Glassysun" to get 20%-off on all designer sunglasses.

Deal #3: Click here and use code "Glassyclip" to get 20%-off on all Magnetic Clip-on eyeglasses. This is the line of eyeglasses with the integrated magnetic clip on -- not the cheap add-on.

By default, you'll see the 15%-off in the cart. If you're using deal #2 or #3, you'll have to select the "Apply Coupon, Loyalty Dollars and Vouchers" checkbox and enter the appropriate code.

Take advantage!

Ends July 4th.

And away we go!

The good folks at 39DollarGlasses approached me and wanted to do something big and exclusive to kick off the summer with GlassyEyes.
"Absolutely!", I exclaimed. "Let's do the $20-off thing again. People love that one."
So, here we go. This is the big one for 39DollarGlasses. $20-off every pair when you use this LINK (or click the image above).

This effectively cuts the price on a basic pair of glasses in half, and makes a not-so-basic pair very attractive in price. This is a fantastic deal and a great way to either try them out for the first time or order your second, third or fortieth pair of glasses (as the case may be).

39DollarGlasses has added new styles of plastic and metal eyeglasses over the past few months and is excited to be able to help kick off the "Spectacular of Summer Savings!"

Ends June 30th.

Welcome to Summer! -- officially at least.

Things are ready to heat up for the next few months around here with some of the best online eyeglasses deals of the year. If you're in the market for glasses and looking to get a great pair at a great price, you've lucked out.

Every summer event needs its requisite alliterative name, so let this one be the Spectacle of Summer Savings! But feel free to call it whatever you want -- so long as you remember to keep up with the deals.

Our first deal will be released this afternoon and will be from one of our top retailers. There will be a new promotion weekly (or bi-weekly depending on the length of the deal) that is sure to brighten your summer and get those old glasses relegated to your top dresser drawer or the Lion's Club box at the mall.

If you're new to online glasses start by reading the very popular "How It Works" post and go from there.

Stop by later today and make sure you start following the updates on Twitter or RSS and by "Liking" the site (see that "Like" button up top?) if you're a facebook regular.

Tell your friends and as always let us know how it goes!

There is no reason that that should ever happen with prescription sunglasses prices as low as they are to us online. Find a pair of glasses you like and turn them into sunglasses by adding an 80%+ tint for as little at $8 more. I find myself ordering a pair of sunglasses with almost every order I make -- they're so useful!

Once you have a few pairs, the real issue is making sure they're properly spread out amongst the car, house, bag and even friends houses! My problem today is due to just that -- improper spreading of sunglasses assets. I have three pair in the car and none where I need them -- on my face.

Anyone else have this problem?

Apparently things are changing in the overnight shipping industry. It piqued my interest and led me to this testimonial.

This past-president of the Iowa Optometric Association talking of using FedEx Express to ship glasses around the state of Iowa makes me wonder what the difference is between that happening in Iowa and it happening across state, country borders -- using the same FedEx services.

I can't be sure of this optometrist's stance on "online eyeglasses", but generally I've seen that optometrists seem to have slightly fewer issues with it than the opticians -- which really shouldn't be a surprise as opticians have the most to lose.

I realize that this whole "BrownBailout" campaign is propaganda from FedEx, but I found his comments relevant to the online eyeglasses market.

ED NOTE: The term "propaganda" in it's purest form is not negative, but neutral. I don't know enough about the "UPS Bailout" to have a strong opinion either way at this point.

Not a lot has been said about GlassesShop, but the one pair of sunglasses I got from them has held up nicely and helped me through some very hot and bright baseball games the past couple of evenings.

If they have something you're interested in, here's a code for 15%-off good now through well... not sure when. There is no expiration date in the email.


Let me know what you think if you order from them.

UPDATE: Check the comment below. Seems like it might be a good idea NOT to try them now.

See details in previous post, here.

Here's the link to the sale.

Ends Monday, May 10th, so hurry!

EyeBuyDirect is doing gift vouchers again at 50%-off.

These are a great deal and an even better gift. It's hard to buy prescription eyeglasses as a gift, but this solves the problem -- for mom, your wife, your girlfriend, or your dad (who just happens to have an affinity for the women's frames).

These only work on women's frames and as always read (really read) the terms and conditions.

Look for the image above on the EyeBuyDirect homepage and click it.

Ends May 9.

[Big thanks to @single_spark for pointing this out to me!]

PD (Pupillary Distance) will now be required for all eye exams -- effectively removing the last minor hurdle towards ordering eyeglasses online. This is great news.

Read more here!

Here's hoping the US follows suit!

It's been a while since 39DollarGlasses tossed us a deal as good as this one -- and last time hundreds took them up on it.

Just in time for Mother's Day,  save $20 on every pair of glasses from exclusively from GlassyEyes. I was thrilled to see this offer in my inbox and even more thrilled to be able to offer this to all of you.

If you've been wanting to try them out, or have been waiting for any other reason, this is the time.

Here's that link again. 

The sale lasts through May 11th, so beat the rush and order soon!

When you have three boys quickly growing out of toys and clothes you donate to whichever charitable organization has the next truck coming through the neighborhood.

Digging through all of the donation receipts this year for the Vietnam Vets, Goodwill, and Lupus Foundation I wondered to myself, "Self? What about those old glasses?"

I've always known I could drop them in a Lion's Club box at a couple of different doctor's offices and [shudder] optical stores in town, but never considered the tax benefit of doing so.

There are guidelines, but they're loose. I plan on talking to my accountant on Thursday evening to get a better idea, but in the meantime here is a link to some more information on the topic.

I wrote a quick piece a couple of years ago about what to consider when buying online. The rules haven't really changed during that time, but the process has gotten better. A few of the major players are getting better at dealing with difficulties and prices have stabilized a bit lower than before.

I get thousands of new people visiting the site each week and wanted to highlight the steps to getting a great pair of glasses at prices you never imagined.

Here are those steps again:

  1. Get your eyes checked. This is important from a prescription strength and an eye health perspective. Keep a schedule and get this done annually -- yes, I've changed my tune a bit on this.
  2. Get your full prescription. You paid for it. Make sure you leave with it. If you didn't bring it with you, give them a call. The law says they need to provide you with it.
  3. Get your Pupillary Distance (PD). This isn't a part of your prescription by default. See here for some ideas on getting this measurement. It's important and it's not that difficult to get for a single vision prescription (bi-focal or multi-focals require a bit more expertise).
  4. Get your frame measurements. There are a couple of good ways to do this. I liked my old frame style, so I knew that frames with similar measurements would likely end up being decent looking. If you're looking for something new, find a pair you like at the store and write down the measurements from the frame. In either case, the measurements are typically stamped inside the temple and/or on the bridge.
  5. Find a frame. Hit the websites listed to the left and start browsing. You're looking for sizes as well as style here -- don't forget that! If the site offers a way to drill down to a temple size, for instance, use it! It will save you a ton of time. There is no reason to look at all of the 130mm temple-lengths when you need a 140mm.
  6. Choose your lens options. I was oversold on "featherwates" and hi-index lenses for years. Depending on your prescription strength and the lens size for the frames you're looking at, you may be fine with the standard thickness lenses. I like anti-reflective lenses and I'm amazed at how much I like the photochromic lenses. With the low cost of these glasses, pick up a pair with sunglasses lenses. I don't buy lenses that don't include UV protection -- neither should you.
  7. Order up! Use a credit card (not a debit card) to aid in unlikely event of problematic resolution issues. Pay a couple dollars extra for faster shipping from a number of the retailers.
  8. Wait. This was the hardest part for me -- mostly because I was without a spare pair. It gets easier when you're not in that pinch.
If you follow these steps, you're going to end up (with a MUCH better chance of being) happy. Order from a reputable online retailer and you may just be starting a mutually-beneficial long-term relationship.

Good luck!

One more week!

EyeBuyDirect has added another week to their semi-semi-annual Buy-One-Get-One Free sale

Same rules as last week.

Here's the link!

I'm all for eye health. I get my eyes checked yearly -- as there is no longer a $400 eyeglasses bill attached to the trip. The brick-and-mortar, chain stores are clearly concerned with lower revenues.

All of this talk about taking our prescriptions with us is having an effect.

Want proof? I heard a Pearle Vision radio spot the other day that makes it sound like they're giving you so much to work with at the end of your eye appointment.

Turns out they're not. Here's what you get:
Personalized Eye Health and Wellness Reports

You'd expect this report to contain your prescription. You'd be wrong.

Sounds like a lot of crap to me.

BuyOne - GetOne Free for a Week - 7/20-7/26!There was a period of time a few months back that it was rare when EyeBuyDirect wasn't having a BOGO sale, but those days have changed -- until now. For the next week, EyeBuyDirect fires up it's production facilities to handle what is sure to be a record run of business.

As always there are restrictions with a sale like this so poke around the site a bit to see the details. It's not for everyone, but if you're looking for a couple pairs of basic and stylish frames it's potentially a great deal.

Here's the link!

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So, some of the folks over at Optiboard, aren't exactly showing off their prowess in the ways of the internet. It seems some dude named "Chris" thinks that Lily over at EyeOverheard and I are the same person -- nevermind the 1,200 mile difference (I think she's in Texas or Arizona or something) or the obvious gender inconsistencies.

His "proof" started out being that we both used GoDaddy as our domain registrar when we set up our sites -- that puts us a close-knit group of about 34,000,000. We both use a Domain Proxy Service in Arizona -- the default domain proxy for GoDaddy mind you. I didn't use a Domain Proxy at first, until a psychotic eye doctor from Texas started commenting on my neighborhood and family using the address found in the domain listing.

Anyway, I digress.

I found out about all of this in a direct tweet from @lenschic on Tuesday (have I mentioned how busy I've been this last month). I figured someone would surely set him straight by now and he'd admit he was being an idiot. Nope. Even after someone pointed much of this information out to him, he's decided that the link way down on the bottom of my site, in the blogroll, to is proof enough that she and I are one in the same.

Have a few moments to kill over lunch? Take a look at the thread. Poke around some more in the public areas of the forums to see what you're getting. I don't know -- I like my "doctors", like my Presidents, to be smarter than me. I'd definitely have to look elsewhere in this case.

Full disclosure: I think Lily (LensChic) is great (even thought we don't see eye to eye on some things). I love the content and tone of her site and while I don't comment like I used to, I still think it's the most entertaining and informative look into a *very* interesting industry.

Oh, and "Chris"... there's a bit of rule in posting things on the internet. At least Google the terms and things you don't understand before opening your mouth. You'll look like less of an ass in the long-term.

Waiting with bated breath for the screed to follow!