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So, some of the folks over at Optiboard, aren't exactly showing off their prowess in the ways of the internet. It seems some dude named "Chris" thinks that Lily over at EyeOverheard and I are the same person -- nevermind the 1,200 mile difference (I think she's in Texas or Arizona or something) or the obvious gender inconsistencies.

His "proof" started out being that we both used GoDaddy as our domain registrar when we set up our sites -- that puts us a close-knit group of about 34,000,000. We both use a Domain Proxy Service in Arizona -- the default domain proxy for GoDaddy mind you. I didn't use a Domain Proxy at first, until a psychotic eye doctor from Texas started commenting on my neighborhood and family using the address found in the domain listing.

Anyway, I digress.

I found out about all of this in a direct tweet from @lenschic on Tuesday (have I mentioned how busy I've been this last month). I figured someone would surely set him straight by now and he'd admit he was being an idiot. Nope. Even after someone pointed much of this information out to him, he's decided that the link way down on the bottom of my site, in the blogroll, to is proof enough that she and I are one in the same.

Have a few moments to kill over lunch? Take a look at the thread. Poke around some more in the public areas of the forums to see what you're getting. I don't know -- I like my "doctors", like my Presidents, to be smarter than me. I'd definitely have to look elsewhere in this case.

Full disclosure: I think Lily (LensChic) is great (even thought we don't see eye to eye on some things). I love the content and tone of her site and while I don't comment like I used to, I still think it's the most entertaining and informative look into a *very* interesting industry.

Oh, and "Chris"... there's a bit of rule in posting things on the internet. At least Google the terms and things you don't understand before opening your mouth. You'll look like less of an ass in the long-term.

Waiting with bated breath for the screed to follow!


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