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I'm not sure that this is related entirely to EyeBuyDirect being mentioned on something called "Dr. Oz" last week or not, but at any rate they've decided to turn up the wick and bring back their most popular offer until October 25th.

This is always a huge promotion and as always, early orders get the benefit of the typical first-in-first-out processing (so come on payday!).

They've added a number of new frames and some of them are quite decent and hip fall/winter looks -- I'm looking at you, Sacramento, Glarus and Bakersfield.

There are always disclaimers on sales like these, but suffice it to say, your second frame with basic lenses is free. Add-ons are extra per pair, but they're subtracting an additional 15% for 1.57 lenses and 20% for 1.6 lenses. This is a solid deal especially with their reasonable coating prices.

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At October 12, 2010 at 4:33 PM Unknown said...

Thought I should post a word of warning. My wife and I bought 4 pairs from EyeBuyDirect during the last BOGO sale. 2 of the pairs had wrong total-width measurements posted on the website (one was smaller than advertised, the other significantly larger and had to be returned). I sent them an email about the discrepancy, but they never corrected it on the website.

The fact that I can't trust their posted measurements is deal-breaker for me.

At October 15, 2010 at 10:56 AM RedStickHam said...

I have purchased from EyeBuyDirect and I did like the product, and it was as advertised. The only problem I have with them is they lack frames with longer (145mm) temple arms. They only had 6 with that measurement last time I checked. I can wear 140s, but the 145s are more comfortable.

They still make a good product and I recommend them.


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