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Apparently things are changing in the overnight shipping industry. It piqued my interest and led me to this testimonial.

This past-president of the Iowa Optometric Association talking of using FedEx Express to ship glasses around the state of Iowa makes me wonder what the difference is between that happening in Iowa and it happening across state, country borders -- using the same FedEx services.

I can't be sure of this optometrist's stance on "online eyeglasses", but generally I've seen that optometrists seem to have slightly fewer issues with it than the opticians -- which really shouldn't be a surprise as opticians have the most to lose.

I realize that this whole "BrownBailout" campaign is propaganda from FedEx, but I found his comments relevant to the online eyeglasses market.

ED NOTE: The term "propaganda" in it's purest form is not negative, but neutral. I don't know enough about the "UPS Bailout" to have a strong opinion either way at this point.

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