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I'm all for eye health. I get my eyes checked yearly -- as there is no longer a $400 eyeglasses bill attached to the trip. The brick-and-mortar, chain stores are clearly concerned with lower revenues.

All of this talk about taking our prescriptions with us is having an effect.

Want proof? I heard a Pearle Vision radio spot the other day that makes it sound like they're giving you so much to work with at the end of your eye appointment.

Turns out they're not. Here's what you get:
Personalized Eye Health and Wellness Reports

You'd expect this report to contain your prescription. You'd be wrong.

Sounds like a lot of crap to me.

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At March 21, 2010 at 1:31 AM Kristine S. said...

Hi Ira! I love your blog and read it frequently. Thank you thank you for letting the world know just how overpriced eyeglasses are. I've been ripped off by Pearle Vision and after reading your blog, vowed not to let that happen again. I'm about to buy my first pair online. Have you walked buy a Pearle Vision or Lenscrafters lately? There are no customers in the stores. I'm tempted to go in and ask a sales rep to justify the cost of a $200 pair of frames, just to hear the response! I really appreciate your blog drawing attention to cheaper alternatives. Keep up the good work!

At April 3, 2010 at 9:22 PM Anonymous said...

My last visit to Pearle left me feeling like I was walking out of a sleazy car dealership.

The sales rep said "I'll even knockoff tax for you to keep your cost low" as if he was doing me some favor. One, that's illegal. Two, there's no tax here on eyeglasses.

Haven't been back to a Pearle since.


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