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Because they've known it's a scam all along -- and scammers are rarely scammed.

Anywhere medicine meets fashion, you're looking at an environment ripe for ridiculous pricing and less than durable products. The moment brand licensing entered the picture this industry lost respectability.

When marketing becomes more important than the product, the product quality inevitably loses out.

Need some more examples to this hypothesis? How about a SpongeBob joke book, or the Chicago Cubs.

What they want you to think is eye insurance is little more than a marketing campaign by the manufacturer/retailer. 

If it continues down this path, how long will it be until we can no longer use pre-tax dollars in our health savings accounts to pay for eyeglasses?

The only way this changes is if we vote with our wallets.

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At September 28, 2010 at 9:43 PM biff said...

why did you have to drag the Cubs into it? :P


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