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This is TODAY ONLY!!!!!11 (Monday, December 28th)

Here's the link.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend of festivities (or lack thereof as the case may be)!

I love it when I get a visit from the beast. To be honest, I rarely check my daily visitor logs (who has time?), but when I do, one of my favorite views is the "recent visitor map". It never fails to motivate me to continue when I see visitors from all over the planet.

There are a few places that I look specifically, though; the LensCrafters HQ in Ohio and the Mothership di'supremo in Milan, Italy. I got a visit from Cincinnati, this afternoon.

Perhaps they're looking into eyeglasses they can actually afford?

120B6E1D-44B9-4FE6-94A9-D64D5C8E6D50.jpg...and it lasts for the REST OF THE YEAR.

That's right, take $20-off EACH PAIR (as opposed to the previous $20 per order). This completely blows the "Twitter" coupon out of the water. You have a bit of time to look around and find the pair that works for you.

Use the same link as before. I verified it. We're good to go.

Here's that link again:  
$20-off PER PAIR at 39DollarGlasses

NOTES: The discount appears in the STEP 4 of the shopping cart checkout. It's pretty prominent. If you (for whatever strange reason) need more than one exact pair, select them individually rather than changing the quantity to get the sale logic to work out for you.

120B6E1D-44B9-4FE6-94A9-D64D5C8E6D50.jpgSo you've got a nice pair of glasses sitting in your cart at 39DollarGlasses and you're *almost* ready to buy. This is the week. From now through Monday, December 14 Friday, December 11 (apparently), you'll get $20-off your total order.

This is probably best used in single-pair ordering situations, as you can do better with the also-excellent $12-off each pair "Twitter" promotion code.

Here are those links again:

This is becoming a bit of a non-event -- in as much as it's becoming quite a regular event of the holiday season.

Today only, EyeBuyDirect has it's Two-For-One thing going again along with the same restrictions -- and nice options -- as usual.

This is always a good deal if you're in the market for some no-frills glasses.

Here's that link again.

UPDATED: Thursday, December 3, 2009.

Goggles4U has never been much with their additional discounts to their already low prices. The 5%-off I've had is about the best deal you're going to find.

Double that to 10% between now and December 7th. the foreseeable future.

Click here for a link to Goggles4U.

Use code: "GlassyEyes"

Recently, I stumbled upon an analogue to buying eyeglasses online. I used to think of shoes, but it's not the same. They're mass-produced and I've exchanged as many pairs to Zappos due to size as I've gotten right the first time.

No, this is a custom industry that has at least one company doing some wonderful things in order taking and tracking that could easily be implemented by the online eyeglasses stores -- online window blinds.

How is it similar to online eyglasses? Measurements are very important. If you're off by a half-inch (or even less in some instances), you're left with some nicely-packaged uselessness. I followed the same method of entering my measurements as I would an eyeglasses prescription, and then double and triple checked it against my notes and a re-measurement of the windows before hitting submit.

My order went like this:

  • I went to
  • I found the type of blinds I wanted to order.
  • I entered my measurements.
  • I chose the details and extras I wanted for the blinds.
  • I added them to my cart.
  • I entered payment information and hit "submit".
  • My order number appeared on the page along with the order details.
  • My computer "dinged" at me as an email hit my inbox.
  • I opened the email and saw something very interesting: bypass.png
    It also had a prominent link to check to status of my order.
  • I double-checked my entered measurements and clicked "Bypass Hold Time".
  • Two days later I got another email stating that my blinds had shipped.
  • Two days (and a half-hour of work) later they were blocking light -- very nicely.
I challenge the online eyeglasses retailers to take this list, do a search and replace on the word "blinds" and pop in "eyeglasses", use their own URL and make this their order process. Give people a chance to verify and if needed fix their own problems. And if they're willing to sign off on their order, let them bypass the "hold time".

Don't hide the status of the order from the customer. Promote the hell out of it. I've never heard of anyone complaining about getting too much information regarding a financial transaction.

Give people the information they crave and you'll do a lot less damage control as people complain about being kept in the dark.

I wish I could say this was the first time I've written on a topic like this. Just over a year ago I stressed much the same thing and it's still not caught on.  

Anyone out there listening?

EyeBuyDirect is doing another Buy-One-Get-One Sale today only. These are a good deal for those of you looking for basic set of eyeglasses.

As always, some restrictions apply so click this EyeBuyDirect Buy One, Get One Sale link for details.

This is the simplest way to get two decent pairs of glasses from EyeBuyDirect. One of the things I've learned is that it's always great to have extras -- and each extra pair prolongs to life of each of the pairs in your collection.

If you've got a need for higher-index lenses, like your frames with a brand name attached or wear progressives, the better option requires an extra step or two...

(And no, you can't double discount with this, let's be realistic people...)

120B6E1D-44B9-4FE6-94A9-D64D5C8E6D50.jpgFound a better link for you at 39DollarGlasses.

We've had $10-off for a long-term discount for a little while, but if you've got a pair of eyeglasses on your 39DollarGlasses radar, order now with this link and have a couple of extra bucks in your wallet at the end of it all.

Here's the link again.

John was the winner of the "Glasses of the Year Club" from EyeBuyDirect. He'll be sporting a new pair every year for the next five years.

I wonder what his 2014 pair will look like as he cruises around in his flying car to his job at the Solar-Electric Power Plant.

It's a neat prize. Congratulations John.

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This is fun.

The guys at EyeBuyDirect created a special set of frames for the GlassyEyes' 3rd Anniversary. They're available for $7.95 and are -- I think -- eligible for the Buy-One-Get-One offer as well.

The guys at EyeBuyDirect created a special set of frames for the GlassyEyes' 3rd Anniversary. They're available for $7.95 and are -- I think -- eligible for the Buy-One-Get-One offer as well.

Supplies are limited.

Join the party with some special (and inexpensive) specs.

I appreciate it EBD!

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First off, let me start with a heartfelt "Thank You" to all of you who have helped to make this site as relevant as it is. Your emails, comments, questions, and input are the fuel for all of this. It's been an interesting and fantastic three years and I really appreciate all of your help in passing the message along to others in need.

It's been challenging and at the same time very rewarding to get to read so many emails from people who are able to see through clear (and even tinted) lenses and still be able to afford groceries for the family.

Keep passing it on. It's making a difference. The markets are beginning to change in response to this sharing of knowledge and empowerment.

I bought the site a logo for its "birthday". I'd expect to see it soon on new business cards, stickers and maybe a t-shirt or two in the coming weeks.

I also tried to respond to as many of the suggestions as I could about the site design. The two most prevalent questions I've gotten are "Where do I start?" and "What are the best deals?" (check the news scroller at the top and the extended listings on the customary left side), so I tried to highlight those two areas in the design of GlassyEyes 3.0. It's not that I don't like answering the questions, but I bet you'd rather not have to ask. I value your time and know that I don't necessarily enjoy digging for information that should be plainly visible.

Keep the questions and ideas coming. It makes filling posts easier.

Thanks again!

Really rolls off the tongue eh?

I just got an email with this information and am not going to have time to dig out the financial details today, but would LOVE it if someone could fill in the holes and do the math for me on this. This deal lasts until November 13th.

This is, potentially, one of the best deals G4U has ever had.

Here's the link.

The promo code is: 'SALE'

From a strictly personal sense, the biggest news is the new site is going live tomorrow. I'm going to be busy putting together the finishing touches all day. I've got a full pot of coffee, finished watching the season finale of Mad Men during breakfast, put the full-time gig on hold for the day, and the kids are at school until 3PM. Here we go!

Secondly, and maybe firstly in the grand scheme of things, EyeBuyDirect has decided to extend their sale for another week. That's right, they're going to continue to double up on the orders until November 15th. If you missed out last week, and are still in the market for some nice glasses with a great guarantee, you're in luck for another week.

Gather up your prescriptions and hit the site!

I'm going to be heads-down at the desk for a while. See you tomorrow.

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There is a major upgrade to the site happening next week on November 10. That, not coincidentally, is the third anniversary of the site. I'm enjoying working on it. I hope you'll enjoy the fresh look and hopefully friendlier navigation.

More details as the time approaches!

This is TODAY ONLY (Monday, November 2, 2009).

EyeBuyDirect is starting their Buy One Get One sale today, and have added something EXCLUSIVE for GlassyEyes customers. Make an order today using this link and you'll be entered into a drawing for a free pair of eyeglasses each year for the next five years.

Your odds of winning are excellent in this -- 1 in as many orders there are through that link. To give you a bit of insight, there have been fewer than a dozen orders as of 2PM Pacific time today. That number is sure to rise, but even if it doubles, those are odds you'll not find elsewhere. If you're thinking about ordering this week, and you've got a prescription handy, it behooves you to do it today.

Good luck! (Here's that link again)

Winner will be contacted at the conclusion of the Buy One Get One sale, probably next week.

EyeBuyDirect is having another Buy One Get One sale starting on Monday, November 2nd and lasting until midnight on the 8th 15th.

From the website:
Simply add as many pairs of glasses as you like to your shopping cart. During checkout, the frames will automatically be paired and you will pay only for one of the two pairs.
They don't all need to be the same prescription, so load up for your entire family (or neighborhood)!

As usual this is for single-vision lenses and the minimum order is $14.95.

Read the rest of the "dealtails" by clicking here.

I'll remind you again later in the week if you'd like to sign up for the feed (see the green area near the top left of the page) or follow me on Twitter at @glassyeyes.

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There are few important moments in life that can be pinpointed to the minute. Births and deaths are the big two. Perhaps that's changed a bit with technology and time-stamping of digital photographs. A time-stamp allowed me to find the exact moment that my life changed -- 10/24/2006 @ 2:48PM. I was sitting at my desk at my old job (probably grimacing from some annoying web development task) and *snap* my $400 glasses from LensCrafters broke -- on my face.

On my face!As luck would have it, I had just received a package from Amazon with a new camera lens. What do you do when you get a new camera or lens? You take pictures. I would have taken pictures of all of the things around my office had something so spectacular and unusual not just happened on my face. As it was, one of the first photographs through that lens was this one (above).

I'm no narcissist. There aren't many photographs of me in existence. I'd argue that well over half of them appear in posts on this site showing-off the highs and lows of my online eyeglasses experiences. I'd much rather be behind the lens.

Anyway, with an empty bank account, a bit of ingenuity to buy me some time, and web browser I started doing my due diligence and research on these "online eyeglasses".

Another big thanks to Luxottica and LensCrafters for a poor design and ridiculous price-tag. Without that, none of this would exist.

Keep yours eyes open for some really big changes around here on the third anniversary of the site on November 10th.

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The season of giving is upon us (at least that's what the fully-decked out Christmas tree displays at Target seem to be telling me).

I'm working on a video montage for a contest to get some free glasses to distribute to those in need -- and to help spread the word that no one needs to spend hundreds on eyeglasses. If you've gotten glasses from 39DollarGlasses and would like to help, please forward your photos to me at

If you're Flickr-literate, you can add them to the "GlassyEyes" Flickr group, forward me the link, and kill two birds with one stone.

Creativity (and QUANTITY) is appreciated!

If you're lucky, you might even get to hear a bit of my beginner guitar stylings -- gotta figure out a way to write-off some of that amp before the end of the year. ;-)

Thanks all.

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Dr. Marc at 39DollarGlasses just forwarded us an exclusive! And it's a big one.


Buy two pairs, save $40. Three? That'd be $60 in savings.

Simple as pie -- CLICK HERE and the discount is applied automatically! It will appear when you get to the cart steps.

This is the biggest deal they do -- and I'm in for two!

This deal expires on on Tuesday, October 20th, so beat the rush and order early!

I was poking around EyeBuyDirect the other day and found something really great. So great that I said to myself, "Self, you should whip up a quick post on this."

I'm often frustrated by the perspective of the frame photos on some of the sites. 39DollarGlasses' photos look somehow twisted to me -- always have. I've bought numerous pair of glasses from them and they've all been straight (as expected). I'd also like the images to be a bit more consistent (I'm looking at you GlassesShop).

It's an optical illusion of some sort, but it strikes me every time.
EyeBuyDirect has something that I've been wanting for a long time. My version of this would have shown two versions of the frame in the product grid at the same time -- one straight on, the other at the standard angled view. They haven't given me this, but they do allow me to switch my views now. Look at the frame icons hanging out at the right side of the controls below.
This is a highly useful feature. While the 30 to 45-degree angle view on all the sites may be the most appealing, it's not always a big help in figuring out the look of the frame. I've bought many pairs of glasses online and this lack of a straight-on view has burned me twice. "Burned" being relative, of course as the frames were fine -- just not entirely what I was looking for at the time.

I have a few things I'd change to make it even more useful, however:

Ratings are cute, but could exist solely on the frame detail page. You're not likely to show a 1-star rating on a frame anyway, so having all 4 to 5 star ratings makes this meaningless. I would LOVE (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) to have the important frame details available in this grid. It would make the process of finding that perfect frame so much less fatiguing.

In the end, I do think the angled view should be the default.

I appreciate the steps EyeBuyDirect is making on making their site more user-friendly.

It's definitely the busy season for eyeglasses. EyeBuyDirect has a new deal going this week at the same 25%-off, but this time it's on fashion eyeglasses only. There are some nice frames in there. Very tempting.

You know the drill:

  1. Click here
  2. Pop in the code "glassyfashioneyes" in the final cart steps to see the 25%-off
  3. Pay
  4. You'll have a week or two to figure out how to unveil them to your little corner of the world.
EyeBuyDirect continues to do a great job of keeping GlassyEyes at the top of the list for great deals on online eyeglasses.

Pass it on to your Facebook friends and as always "Please Retweet"!

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The people at GlassesShop have been emailing me for about a year now to take a look at them. I resisted, as there wasn't much that they provided that the others didn't.

I'm a firm believer that too much choice leads to paralysis.

My attitude changed when I wanted a new pair of sunglasses and couldn't find what I was looking for at any of my usual haunts, and had sizing issues at a few others. I figured it might be time to try something new and potentially fill a spot on the roster. Let's call this a "try-out".

I didn't find exactly what I was looking for at GlassesShop either, but they were the closest -- something I happily live with at these prices.
I ordered the "Addison-F7020", but really dislike the idea of a clip-on sunshade, so I ordered them with an 80%-Green lens. A day after the order I got an email verifying that I wanted them tinted even with the clip-on. I explained what I wanted and they made them. I'll hang onto the sunshade in the very-unlikely event that I ever become the kind of guy who could pull-off something like these with clear lenses.

They arrived 10 days later -- mighty fast. I like the style even better than I thought I would, so I'm very happy*.

Here is the unboxing.

BIG, fancy, highly visible, box.

I thought I only ordered ONE pair of glasses!

Opening the box to reveal an orderly array of... lots of stuff packed in a well-padded foam inlay.

This is the most impressive delivery yet. Not sure I need (or want) it to be this over the top.

Well packaged. No breakage or scratches.

It's a very nice case which fit perfectly in the foam box insert. Not a lot of room for contents to "shift in transit".

Box flotsam.

Not exactly sure what the "Care starts from eyes" means on the booklet.

Also, the bag is strange in that it's rubbery. Not a clue what I'd use it for.

The glasses (and the sunshade). Both are nice.

The frame has spring hinges and feels very solid. I really like the dark green lenses too -- another first for my collection.

The temple says "FUMING". I'm not exactly fuming over this, but it is one of my biggest pet peeves.

*I don't like labels on my stuff -- especially silliness like this. It wasn't visible in the photo.

Going to test the inside of the temple with acetone to see if I can remove it without affecting the finish.

Overall, I'm very impressed. I'll order again in the next month or so and compare. If you have any existing input or decide to order from GlassesShop, let me know how it went.

I'll be posting a site review in the next few days.

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Another week, another mighty deal from EyeBuyDirect. Last week it was 20%-off. This week it is 25%-off and exclusively for GlassyEyes readers.

It's drop-dead simple again too:
  1. Click here
  2. Pop in the code "glassyeyes25" in the final cart steps
  3. PROFIT!
Once again, this is the best EyeBuyDirect deal out there.

Pass it on to your Facebook friends and as always "Please Retweet"!

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In the market for some photochromic shades? This may be a great time to give them a look. 39DollarGlasses carries a selection of nice options. Figure out what you're looking for and click the relevant link below. These are going to come out to close $110 after discount or a bit over 20%-off.

Single Vision Transitions®:
$30 OFF! Any Frame with 1.59 Index Polycarbonate Transitions® Photochromic Single Vision Lenses. Select this link and choose PACKAGE H for your lens package.

Progressive (no-line) Photochromics:
$30 OFF! Any Frame with Ocular Dynamics® SMARTshades® Photochromic 1.58 Index Progressive Lenses. Use this link and select either PACKAGE UT or YT for your lens package.

Lined Bifocal Photochromics:
$30 OFF! Any Frame with Ocular Dynamics® SMARTshades® Photochromic 1.58 Index Regular Bifocal Lenses. Use this link and select PACKAGE JUT for your lens package.

Note that there are three different coupon links with different coupon codes. Only one code can apply to an order. If you click the first link (single vision lenses) and buy bifocals with it, the discount won’t apply.

This offer is good through next weekend (October 4th).

Just found out about this one in a comment on my last post. Seems EyeBuyDirect has a "secret" Buy-One-Get-One sale in effect until the end of the day Sunday.

Click here for details.

EyeBuyDirect is trying to close off another big month by offering another exclusive 20%-off code to GlassyEyes visitors.

Click here
and pop in the code "glassyeyes20" in the final cart steps to replace the standard 15% discount with 20%-off.

This is the best deal out there this month and it ends on the 27th.

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We met Barry back in early June when he and I had an exchange on an EyeOverheard post. Barry had more to say, and I've taken his last message verbatim and responded to each point. Hopefully, it's easier to read. It certainly gives an insight into some of the more traditional eye care providers.

Grab a glass of wine and a comfortable seat and settle in.

NOTE: "ECP" equals "Eye Care Provider" -- and although this may look roughly like a screenplay, there is no chance that Jerry Bruckheimer will see any promise in it as a Summer 2011 blockbuster.

(Lights fade as an ECP and a guy in a well-worn Minnesota Wild T-Shirt, tan shorts and Keen sandals enter an empty room -- both men wear eyeglasses)

BARRY: I think Ira’s "mission" to expose the inefficiencies in eyewear delivery today is on target.

GLASSYEYES: Why thank you.

BARRY: Blanket statements, to the effect that "all mom & pops or brick and mortars" have too much overhead is inaccurate at best.

GLASSYEYES: I apologize if you take offense, but I stand behind that. I've yet to walk into an optical shop (apart from inside a big box store) that wasn't overdone in some way or another. It is perhaps a bit generalized on my part, but you should really try to honestly step into one of your stores as a consumer some time -- with kids and a budget. I keep hearing how these eyeglasses that I need to see are a "medical device". The lobbyists for the ECPs have done and paid so much to keep things this way even in an era when no one is "grinding" lenses in the traditional sense.

So OK, we're talking a medical device -- until ten minutes later when I'm flipping through a magazine or watching television and see the latest LensCrafters ad. If you didn't know better you'd swear they're selling jewelry or jeans. They're pushing lifestyle. I, and many others, just want to be able to see -- and be able to afford groceries at the same time. The independents, instead of forging their own courses, seem to want (or maybe feel they need) to emulate the Luxottica stores. It's difficult to trailblaze, yes, but someone besides Wal*Mart needs to serve "regular people" -- PLEASE!

This is the gray area that optical stores have exploited since the advent of the designer brands. You want it both ways. If this is a medical device, treat it as such, if not then stop behaving as if it needs the same federal oversight as a bionic heart valve. You can't have it both ways and expect people to take you seriously.

I think most people would be comfortable forgoing the fancy lighting and displays -- they can't see any of this when they're trying on frames anyway.

BARRY: Like the writer who skewered me in last summer’s Conusmer Digest article purportedly exposing eyewear’s outrageous cost, there really is more to the story than simple price or "glasses".

GLASSYEYES: I, too, was quoted in the Consumers Digest article. If you blinked you may have missed it (we spoke for about 30 minutes and I got a paragraph) -- however she got at least part of what I said correct. Re-reading it again today after reading your comments was a real eye-opener.

[Here's a link to a PDF of the article]

As far as price goes, there are many people opting for the $8 glasses, but there are many others who feel more comfortable paying $40 to $60. This seems like a legitimate price to me for $10 to $20 worth of materials. I've paid more and I've paid less.

BARRY: Ira, with your new position of recognition and perceived authority, you are well advised to try to walk around behind some of us ECPs and see what we see & do. We strive to the absolute pinnacle of excellence in what we do… everyday.

GLASSYEYES: "Perceived authority"... That's a thinly-veiled insult. ;-)

I'm sure some of you do strive for that. The problem comes from those of you who don't. I don't have access to the full ODwire forums, but there was a time that they were less locked down than they are now. Someone placed a comment in one of my posts a couple of years ago and provided a URL and I did some digging. This may not be the way you do business, but this optometrist from Dallas took great pride in this (and there were many who backed him up), until he saw the post and threatened me:
"A pair of SV (single vision) stock poly Alize cost me $34, and carry a 2 year warranty. We sell 'em all day long for $199/pair, for a profit of $165/pair. Our capture rate for AR (anti-reflective coating) is about 90%. Also stock poly non coated, cost $6/pair and sell for $109...

Now show me the math where you can beat the $165 profit on a pair of SV (single vision) lenses. If you can, I'll still love you in the morning."

He'll probably threaten me again for popping this in a post, but people need to see this.

I'm sure you have access to those forums. Take a look with fresh eyes. It's despicable how some of these "professionals" view their patients -- and they're not contributing to any warm-fuzzies for your industry. Call them out. Make an example of them if this isn't the way to do things.

BARRY: Internet eyewear does not. Simple as that.

GLASSYEYES: If by excellence, you mean "overpriced", you're right. There is no appreciable difference in the glasses I've gotten online from those purchased offline apart from price (and the fact that no one lied to me telling me I needed hi-index lenses). They serve their purpose admirably. They're no worse and I certainly feel better about them than the last five pairs I bought from the mall vendors (of the Luxottica family), and doctor's office opticians. On the plus side, when my prescription did change, I was able to donate some of the old pairs and update multiple pairs at a fraction of the cost.

BARRY: The totality of the eyewear and eyecare expereience is *not* the same, just because you’ve said or decided it is so.

GLASSYEYES: I don't give two hoots about an "eyecare experience". I want to see -- and I can well at one-tenth of what you'd likely charge me.

BARRY: You may be satisfied with the eyewear equivalent of pizza or Mickey D’s, but many people, especially seniors, are not. Please don’t assume every John Q. thinks like you.

GLASSYEYES: You're fond of the McDonald's metaphor, but it's false. I don't assume everyone thinks like me, but hundreds of thousands do -- more every day. As far as seniors go, this is the market that stands to gain the most. They're more likely to be on a fixed income and the prices charged for multi-focals is dizzying. Honestly, they're the biggest growth sector in my site visitors. I get more email and phone calls from seniors than from other groups.

My wife's uncle, who had been wearing broken, five-year old bi-focals for months was able to get a new pair progressives for a fraction of the cost of the local optical store -- where he had his exam. He brought them in to have them checked at the local optical store. The optometrist and optician were both surprised at the quality and fit. It's now been over a year since he's worn taped-together, scratched glasses.

Is ordering glasses online a panacea? No, of course not, but it's worked out well for many, many people -- single-vision and increasingly multi-focal.

BARRY: In every market there are those who represent the best that can be done. I try to be one of them. I object to your charaterization that ECPs that strive for excellence are ripping off the public.

GLASSYEYES: No. You may be the most conscientious and above-board ECP on the planet, and the wares you're peddling are still very likely overpriced. At least part of that is due to the decisions you make in running your practice. True, some of it stems from the fact that you've been painted into a corner with consolidation of the market by the likes of Luxottica and Essilor, but there have to be options.

BARRY: Yes, times are changing. The problem is essentially not us ecps. It is, as you’ve discovered, the layers of monopolization from 15 years of consolodation allowed by our government. Lack of oversight breeds excess in every industry.

GLASSYEYES: There it is -- "monopoly" and "consolidation". Do something about it! Organize! Stand up to it. Contact your representatives and senators. The internet is a great equalizer. I think I'm angrier about Luxottica than you are. I've been very vocal about it -- I do it as a consumer. You've got so much more to gain from exposing their practices for what they are.

BARRY: If you want to see another viewpoint, just seek us out. We make no secret that we’re here.

GLASSYEYES: I've talked to and conversed online with a number of ECPs. It's been inspiring.

BARRY: This current tenor of negativity about traditional eyewear delivery is upsetting to all of us. It smacks, IMHO, of what I call the "Duke" effect. Remember those lacrosse players from Duke University, who were so resoundingly tried and found guilty in the forum of early public opinion, only to have the "facts" eventually come out, and the truth be revealed. Even the DA jumped in before he had all the facts. How stupid the mob mindset appears when seen in the light of hindsight. I’m sure you don’t want to appear as having an unfair agenda.

GLASSYEYES: I definitely have an agenda, but to equate it to the Duke Lacrosse thing is silly. I've been wearing these many pairs of glasses for nearly three years now, and they work perfectly. Mob mindset? Start charging what things are worth and the world will happily beat a smiley-faced, open-walleted path to your door.

My agenda is to show people that they don't have to pay hundreds to be able to see. Another interesting fact is that people at least anecdotally appear to be more willing to get their eyesight checked yearly with the knowledge that there isn't a $300+ eyeglasses fee waiting for them at the conclusion of the exam.There are still millions willing to pay hundreds to wear the latest brand names, I'm just not one of them.

BARRY: Keep an open mind to these discussions.

GLASSYEYES: Much of what you've said here has been thoughtful. I appreciate that. I will try to keep an open mind -- I urge you to do the same.

Further apologies in the delay in getting this out. I wrote this weeks ago and the formatting got the best of me -- along with getting the three youngsters ready for another year in our fine public school system.

Anneli Rufus wrote the book on scavenging. Seriously, she wrote THE BOOK (and a whole bunch of others).

She got in touch with me a couple of weeks ago for some advice on internet optical for her prescription (with astigmatism). I hooked her up with some information and a recommendation. We also chatted back and forth for a few days -- the result of which has been edited and posted on the very interesting and deep "Scavenging" blog.

Click here for the nitty gritty and then dig around a bit for some other ways you can save a little green (or purple, orange, and blue for our neighbors to the North).

So, apparently all I needed to do was say I was going to be using the Twitter to post the more minor deals that crossed my desk, and all of a sudden there are NO minor deals. This is another big one.

If you've got your eye on a pair of glasses at 39DollarGlasses, or even a pair in the cart that you've hesitated pulling the trigger on, click here and get an instant $15-off.

Here are the details:
  • It's $15-off the entire order, so multiple pairs don't stack discounts.
  • They've upgraded the cart a bit so you'll see the discount earlier in the process -- it's red and bold. You can't miss it.
  • It all ends on September 3rd, so hurry!

Get an extra 5% off the typical GlassyEyes 15% discount this week at EyeBuyDirect.

Here's how it works:

  1. Click here.
  2. Use code "glassyeyes20" at checkout
(Also posted on twitter at

I get a lot of deals passed my way. Some are post-worthy, many are not. In the end, I want to make sure they're still available to all of you. To this end, I'm going to start using the Twitter to "toot" ALL of the deals your way.

I'm still going to use the @glassyeyes Twitter account to communicate with any and all looking for help or insight, but I'll tag the deals with "#DEAL" tag so they stick out a bit.

There are a couple of ways to get these:

  • If you're on Twitter
    • follow @glassyeyes
    • Retweet any of the deal tweets to help spread the love
    • click the "retweet" button at the top left of each post
  • If you're NOT on Twitter
    • all the latest "toots" will appear in the Twitter stream in the left column
    • email the links to your ever-shrinking group of non-Twitter friends
Lest you worry about overload, I don't foresee more than a couple of extra "toots" a week. As a BONUS you'll occasionally get an insight into my exciting life -- worth the price of admission.

Thanks for all the continued support!

I've had a number of epiphanies over the past nearly three years of this -- beyond the obvious cost differences. Here are a few of them that seem to resonate with people:

  • It's amazing how little wear and tear these things show when you have more than one pair.
  • Prescription sunglasses? I can see outside in the summer -- without squinting! THIS is what the beach is like?
  • The frame's nooks and crannies stay very clean when you're not wearing the same pair each day.
  • I play (more) with the kids knowing that if my glasses get broken, I've got another pair to replace them.
  • It's really nice to be able to afford multiple pairs of glasses for specific purposes/settings rather than needing one pair to look nice and perform in all situations.
Please share your most surprising discoveries since entering the ranks of the online bespectacled!

The guys at EyeBuyDirect were at the center of a storm of online eyeglasses purchases a couple of weeks ago. They're at it again (on a smaller, more fashionable scale) passing along an exclusive 20% off fashion frames code for all of you in the market to get fashionable. Runs now through 8/9/2009.

Here's how it works:

  1. Click this EyeBuyDirect link.
  2. Find a pair of glasses in the "Fashion" category, down along the left side.
  3. Pick your lenses and coatings.
  4. Use this 20%-off code at checkout: GlassyEyesFashion
  5. Make a reservation for Fall Fashion Week in Paris (or at least go hang out at "Fashion Bug").
  6. Do what comes naturally in your new Fashion specs from EyeBuyDirect.
  7. Send me a postcard.
P.S. That's 20% off the total price, including upgrades in lenses and coatings.

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I just spent a weekend up at the lake in Northern Minnesota. The weather turned out to be a lot better than the forecast. I was really glad I had my sunglasses, because I gotta tell you life is so much better behind darkened lenses when the sun is beating down.

I lived the majority of the first 35+ years of my life with an expression not unlike the one you see below:

I'd fight all summer against the sun and then fight even more in January, when the sheer white landscape reflected the full force of the sun at me. Pretty bleak, but nothing compared to the traditional cost of prescription sunglasses. I was never offered them as a child - they weren't budgeted for. I don't think any of my friends who wore glasses had sunglasses either.

Now I don't go anywhere without at least one pair of sunglasses at the ready. I keep a pair in my backpack, a pair in each of the cars and one on the boat -- and why not for as little as $20 a pair (a far cry from the astronomical fees you'll pay at LensCrafters).

In writing this, I realized that I don't really get headaches any more either. Coincidence? Maybe, but I used to get headaches all the time.

I've come up with a couple of short lists for both of the scenarios. Add to them in the comments!

With Prescription Sunglasses:

  • Better for your eyes
  • Better for your skin
  • See more clearly
  • Look (ever so slightly more) like Brad Pitt
Without Prescription Sunglasses:
  • May start your lashes on fire
  • Crow's feet on your crow's feet
  • Crash into stuff
  • Look like French Stewart

Have kids with glasses? Get a few pairs for all of the places they'll appreciate them.

Just returned home from a technology-free weekend on the lake, with my three sons -- sorry for the delay in getting back to some of you. I plan on digging out of the email avalanche this evening.

The conclusion of a week of incredible deals is upon us, but for those of you new to the scene, or those returning from their vacations, you still have until midnight Pacific time to take advantage of the EyeBuyDirect's sale.

This just in from 39DollarGlasses!

Due to the enormous popularity of the $20 off coupon, and the requests we've had for some people to give a little more time to get their eyes examined, we're extending the coupon .another 72 hours to Friday night at midnight
So there you have it, you've gotten a 3-day reprieve on the end of the sale. Don't waste it! ;-)

Here's that coupon link again, and a link to the sale information post.

I got a comment this morning from an anonymous reader, and it was a good one.

Here it is:

You should get little "post this to facebook" thingys at the bottom of your posts. Who needs cheap glasses? College students!

So, I've had a Facebook "Fan page" for a while now, but never really talked about it much because, well, what is there to really talk about? It does make great way to tell the people in your networks where you're finding information and such great deals on eyeglasses -- and helps me reach new people too!

If you're on Facebook, become a "fan"
. It's easy!

I've added a "widget" to the side of the site... we'll see if it makes the cut for the redesign I'm working on.

So begins a memorable week in online eyeglasses if you're looking to start or add to your collection.

The EyeBuyDirect "Buy One Get One Free Sale" began at Midnight and will continue for a week.

The 39DollarGlasses "5 DAY MID-SUMMER BLOWOUT" continues Monday and Tuesday.
39DollarGlasses Link!

UPDATED: Just got some additional information that is sure to bring a smile to your faces. I've updated the post to reflect that it's $20 off each pair of glasses you order!

Woke up this morning and checked the email as I was making breakfast for the kids. What an eye-opener this was!

Not to be outdone, and learning a lesson or two on the terms clarification, 39DollarGlasses has provided me with the following deal:

Save $20 on ANY PURCHASE from EXCLUSIVELY from GlassyEyes.

You won't see mention of this on the site, as it's just for us. Best of all, it's drop-dead simple. Every order PAIR, using these links, gets $20 off -- no code to enter, no nothing. Add your glasses, and work through the payment process, you'll eventually see the $20 savings per pair at the very end of the checkout process (before you submit the order).

Order two pair, get $40 off. Order four? That'd be an $80 discount! More than that, break out your own calculator.

It all ends at 11:59 EDT on Tuesday, July 21st, so if you're in the market -- or not -- now may be the time.

Here's the text straight from the email I received this morning (so there is no confusion):
Exclusively for our GlassyEyes customers…

$20 OFF ANY PAIR of eyeglasses or sunglasses. Absolutely no restrictions!
  • Complete Pair with Single Vision 1.59 High Index Lenses
    only $19.00
  • Complete Pair with Single Vision 1.67 Super High Index Lenses
    only $49.00
  • Complete Pair with Single Vision Genuine Transitions® Lenses
    only $68.90
  • Complete Pair with Free-form High Index Progressive Lenses
    only $69.00
Same $20 off savings on Varilux®, 1.74 Ultra High Index, NuPolar® Polarized Sunglasses, Drivewear® Lenses, and much more!

As always, every order comes with
  • FREE UV coatings!
  • FREE anti-scratch coatings!
  • FREE polished lens edges!
  • FREE attractive hard case!
  • FREE microfiber cleaning pouch!
  • FREE shipping on multi-pair orders or orders over $99!
and every pair is custom-made for you in the USA!
This is the best offer 39DollarGlasses has ever provided ANYONE. Exciting times these are in the online eyeglasses world.

Tell your friends!

A lot of you have probably already received the email alerting you to this opportunity.

EyeBuyDirect is having another Buy One Get One sale starting on Monday, July 20th and lasting until the 26th. They're expecting quite an outpouring of love on this -- I think you may even read about this in your newspapers or see something on the local news affiliate.

The people at EyeBuyDirect continue to push the ball forward. I think this has the potential to alert quite a few new people to the concept of online eyeglasses and is therefore a positive for the entire industry.

BuyOne, GetOne Free for a Week - 7/20-7/26!

I'll remind you again on Monday if you'd like to sign up for the feed (see the green area near the top left of the page) or follow me on Twitter at @glassyeyes.

Terms (some are pretty significant):
  • Sale lasts one week between Monday July 20th and Sunday July 26th (sale starts and ends midnight PST)
  • Minimum order $14.95
  • Free eyeglasses- cheaper of the two
  • Offer not including Designer frames, Sport frames & Sunglasses
  • Offer includes only single vision lenses with anti-scratch coating
  • No double discounts- Buy one Get one Free overrides other coupons & discounts
UPDATE! ajeep8u asked a good question in comments, and I got the answer almost immediately via online help. Here goes:

Ira Mitchell: Regarding the Buy One Get One Free sale: If I bought a frame for $49.95 and sprung for the 1.74 lenses plus all the coatings, the total is $173.85. Could I get an identical second pair for free? Or are you saying that only a frame of equal or lesser price plus the Standard lens would be free?

You are now speaking with Juanita of Customer Service.

Juanita: It is only the frame for the 2nd pair which is free. Lens upgrades are additional costs.

Tell your friends!

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