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Goggles4U drops prices, drops additional discount codes. People are concerned, but this is still one of the best places to buy online. Link!

Google is having a litany of issues with the Groups. The Google Groups forums (which run on the Google Groups system) are messed up as well -- delicious.

Anyway, the GlassyEyes forums are screwed up. Sometimes messages will go through, others won't. The Pages which contain the reviews may show up properly, or may show dated versions. Last time I looked, the most recent version was at least 6 months old.

You might not be getting your daily digests of posts either.

Lots of problems and they've been going on for the entire month. Seems like it might take a bit to fix. I'm looking to move the review pages this weekend to a new platform. As for the messages, they're going to remain where they are. There is simply too much time and knowledge in there already.

These Google tools are nice -- when they work.

I'll update everyone when things get better.

The overwhelming majority of online eyeglasses orders come in a timely manner with the correct prescription. That said, problems sometimes happen -- like in the mall store or in any industry.

I check the forums pretty regularly. And it pains me to see people complaining about communication issues, or waiting over a month for their glasses -- especially when I've offered a helping hand. Don't wait that long, please! Contact me (using the up-to-date info in the "Contact Me" section) and let me help.

For the new people, here's the refresher:

Over the past 16 months, I've garnered some importance to their business models -- thanks to all of your traffic -- and they tend to respond to me (rather quickly) when I have questions or concerns for them.

So, please, if you're having trouble dealing with, or getting information from, one of the retailers, let me know. I've had direct contact (and hence know how to get to them) with the people in charge at 39DollarGlasses, Goggles4U, Optical4Less, EyeBuyDirect, and Global Eye Glasses. I've tried contacting the others over time, but been less successful. I can't promise results, but I can promise that I'll try.

Oh, and as always, most of the other questions you might have, have been asked (and answered by myriad sources) in the forums!

[ED. NOTE: I'm on my second large Americano this morning.]

Maybe all the caffeine is affecting me -- or maybe it affects me more more intensely as it passes my sinuses after shooting it out of my nose (thankfully, I'm near the bottom of the cup).

They're not the worst looking things in the world, but you'd certainly give the world around you (at least the English-reading portion) a chuckle or two as you sauntered down... the docks?

I'd buy these for the laugh if I didn't routinely forget which pair I was wearing when I left the house.

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I never bought into the "AR Hype" when I was being screwed by the mall stores for my eyeglasses. I'd hear, "Look how easily people can see your eyes," and think "Who cares?" The last time I checked I'm not exactly sporting dazzling eyes that all the world needed to see. "But you'll get headaches," she'd say. "Lady, you're giving me a headache -- right now."

Certainly I must have needed the hi-index lenses. Why would they lie to me about that? But the Anti-Reflective thing? That's wasn't necessary -- especially if it was going to add $80. Sitting on that stool, across from the lab-coated cash register operator, I'd see the total hovering around $300 and I'd instinctively begin my resistance. It was either that or reintroduce myself to ramen noodles.

She'd produce the sample lenses from the pouch and begin to pressure me into the anti-reflective coating, I'd kindly say, "No thanks," usually followed with, "Seriously, no thanks."

These places push the "AR" coatings the same way the Best Buy folks push the extended warranties, and when finally rebuked, move on and try to sell the extended warranty the same way the Best Buy folks push the extended warranties. The coatings are a HUGE money-maker.

The years passed like this for well... years, and then I stumbled upon all of this and could finally afford to give AR a try -- in some cases for free.

Roughly two-thirds of my eyeglasses now have AR and after spending the morning in a coffee shop with too many windows without it, I'll choose it for work glasses every time.

So, is it worth it? Not at typical brick-and-mortar prices, but give it try using one of the places listed over to the left, you might find you can't live without it.


Goggles4U and Optical4Less include Anti-Reflective coatings for FREE. If you're AR-curious, give 'em a try.

I've talked (some would say "ad nauseum") about all the benefits I've seen buying my eyeglasses online over the past 16 months. There are many, but one of the most unanticipated came to me the other night while placing a non-eyeglasses order online.

I used to be one of the most impatient people you could hope to meet. I ordered things online because of the price only, but it killed a bit each time I needed to wait even a day for that shiny new bauble -- especially if I could get it at Target or the hated Best Buy down the street.

Now after over a year of having to wait at least a few days for my new glasses to arrive, rather than spend a $350 "convenience charge" at the "About an hour" mall store, I've grown a bit. I don't use the expedited shipping as often for anything I order, from glasses, to rice crackers (you should try these with cottage cheese).

All that said, I've never waited longer than two weeks or so for my glasses and I'm still excited, a bit like a kid waiting for a cereal box decoder ring to arrive in the mail.

I've gotten more than a handful of people (Andre, Benjamin, Eric, Joe and Nikolas) wondering about a good place to get Shuron frames lately. I found a place with seemingly decent prices, but I've not yet used them to see how it good they are.

Not sure, what a Shuron frame is? It's a brand name -- something we don't delve into very often around here.

You've probably seen them in almost any period piece on the 40's or 50's in America (or perhaps in a little show called "Heroes"). They're iconic.

The Shuron Ronsir Zyl

There are many styles (I like the Ronsir Revelation and the Freeway), and even more combinations of lens sizes, bow types and lengths, and materials. These things are more customizable than your next-door neighbor's son's Scion.

Anyway, if you're a tough fit and like a classic look (and have a few more dollars in your flex account that need spending), this might be just the thing for you.

As for this BestBuyEyeglasses place? I like the selection of name brands (for that market) and the prices are decent (again for that market), but one thing that sticks out for me is a $10 charge for UV protection? (NOTE: you're throwing $10 away if you add this on to polycarb lenses which naturally block 100% of UV radiation). I'd love to get some feedback on others who may have already taken the plunge with these guys.

If you're not looking to get standard CR-39 lenses (which are going to set you back $50 with UV protection), you'll do better elsewhere. This might be a decent bet for a frame buy and have someone else make the lenses.
The Shuron Freeway

This is a bit out of my comfort area for online glasses. I'm much more likely to spend $40. $85 makes me think a bit more ($67 for the Freeway), but I've not seen anything similar enough to these at any of the shops I'm so familiar with.

I'll do my duty and order a pair, once I figure out the right size to get -- there is a veeeeery fine line between nerdy and dorky -- especially when you're fast approaching 40.
The Shuron Ronsir Revelation

Click here if you want to take a look around.

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I've been a bad boy. I haven't given the proper care and handling to my eyeglasses. I'd say that it has something to do with the low price-point and the fact that I have so many pairs, but in my soul-searching I can honestly say, I've not been easy on my lenses even when they were so criminally attached to the $350+ price tag.

It's not easy to wear eyeglasses. It's even less easy to clean and store them in the prescribed fashion. Sometimes it rains. Sometimes I fall asleep with them on. Sometimes a sneeze sneaks up on me and they fly across the table onto the sidewalk.

I'm not a robot. I don't have a small drawer that slides out of my chest with an eyeglass case and neatly folded microfiber cleaning cloths. I've been known to use my shirt-tail in a pinch.

All that said, I've got enough pairs that when one of them got all scratched up from a particularly long run aboard my nose, I put them away and moved on to another pair.

The thing is, I REALLY LOVE these glasses. I love the photochromic lenses. I love the look. Dare I say, they've become my trademark. I needed to get them re-done. I looked around and decided I'd give the folks at 39 Dollar Glasses a whack at replacing the lenses.

They're going in the mail tomorrow (with a significant amount of padding included in the box). I'll report back when they arrive.

This is also ("potentially" -- until I see the results) a great way to fill those vintage frames you just grabbed at the thrift store or off eBay without spending an additional fortune.

Here's a link to the service and price list.

Sorry for the lengthy gap in posts, I'm just coming out of a really, really bad week. I haven't had the honest-to-goodness, old-school flu link this in years. My temperature hovered between 102 and 103 for the better part of the week. Now I remember why I used to always get a flu shot.

I'm coming out of it and I'm putting the finishing touches on a couple of (what I think are interesting) posts -- in between fits of dry coughing.

More to come!

Kon Hei Fat Choi

Albert (from Optical 4 Less) sent me an email this morning.

Tomorrow (February 7, 2008) is Chinese Lunar New Year and it is a big festival of the Chinese culture.

I just created a seasonal coupon for the big days and here's the code:

Lunar New Year discount coupon: kon_hei_fat_choi

15% off $50!

So now is a good time to pick up a pair, or two at a good discount. In fact, a person could go in and grab a pair out of the regular stock, (maybe Aviators?) and a pair from the Overstock section, add a tint or two (to get to $50) and be out the door for about $43 shipped (not a bad deal at all).

If you're a big fan of the Hulk or perhaps need something to show your environmental spirit while carrying your reusable hemp shopping bag at the co-op, here are a couple that fit the bill:

Or for something a bit more traditional:

There are some really great new styles in the general catalog. Look for a post in the next few days.

In the meantime dig in and don't forget "kon_hei_fat_choi" (which means "Congratulations and be prosperous").

"elcuervo" has sparked as close to a riot as the GlassyEyes forums has seen in a while. It began simply enough...

Anyone can give me any directions on what's the current trend on
frames? I'm new to using glasses and i'm looking for some pointers on
what everybody is using these days... i'm 23 by the way.. pictures
would be nice, thanks!

...and escalated quickly into a very active thread on the merits of, fashion of, and dare I say disgust of an American tradition -- the Aviator eyeglasses frame.

I've got a pair of Aviator-style sunglasses that fit the bill on the boat and in the car, but I wouldn't consider them for anything besides late nights working in the non-sunglasses variety.

Interested in joining the fray? Here's the link (don't be an a-hole in there m'kay?)

Interested in seeing what they look like on your face without having to set foot into one of those mall stores? Check 'em out at Albert's place (Optical 4 Less) here.
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I've had people ask in the past what I get out of all of this. I've answered to this in the forums a few times.

The answers may surprise you, but by far the best things are the emails I get to read each morning (especially the ones from people who've been putting up with scratched or broken glasses as a means of continuing to put food on the table) as I sit down a piping hot bowl of oatmeal.

Indeed there is a financial piece, but the "average rate" I've seen comes up far short of the hours I miss relaxing with the family in the evening. Suffice it to say, you could make *much* more asking people if they'd "like to supersize that". Essentially, a few of the retailers run affiliate programs like thousands of other retailers (Best Buy, Apple, Sears, Amazon...). It's an effective and efficient alternative to direct advertising which is difficult to guage. I receive a small percentage of some sales (which at these prices is usually a very small number).

The biggest benefit to these professional relationships, is that they're very interested in continuing them. To that end I'm able to call upon someone higher up in the food chain when something goes wrong with one of your orders. Comb the forums and comments -- I'm sure you'll see many notes to that effect.

I'm doing nothing revolutionary here. I'm passionate about the topic (the site wouldn't have made it over a year if I wasn't) and I continue to look out for and dig for deals for all of you!