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Google is having a litany of issues with the Groups. The Google Groups forums (which run on the Google Groups system) are messed up as well -- delicious.

Anyway, the GlassyEyes forums are screwed up. Sometimes messages will go through, others won't. The Pages which contain the reviews may show up properly, or may show dated versions. Last time I looked, the most recent version was at least 6 months old.

You might not be getting your daily digests of posts either.

Lots of problems and they've been going on for the entire month. Seems like it might take a bit to fix. I'm looking to move the review pages this weekend to a new platform. As for the messages, they're going to remain where they are. There is simply too much time and knowledge in there already.

These Google tools are nice -- when they work.

I'll update everyone when things get better.

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At March 1, 2008 at 12:17 AM Anonymous said...

You could also look into using a 'real' forum like phpbb.

At March 1, 2008 at 8:09 AM Ira said...


o. Not an option at this point. My choice to setting it up in Google Groups made sense as it's much more "open" than me running something on phpbb. It can go on indefinitely, even if something happens to me -- no fuss, no muss (except Google's dropped the ball lately).

It's not an option to move it now. Too many members, too much content.


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