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Goggles4U drops prices, drops additional discount codes. People are concerned, but this is still one of the best places to buy online. Link!

UPDATE (6/11/2007) -- This one appears to be dead. You can still get 10% off with the code "Glassyeyes". Lots of people took them up on this offer, so I'd imagine it might happen again. I'll keep my eyes open for ya!

A bunch of us got an email yesterday (I got mine at 4:52PM CDT) from Goggles 4 U with a 20%-off code.

I figure it's gotta be good until at least late Thursday afternoon (5/31/2007).

Simply add the highly creative code; "Glasses" at checkout and 1/5 of your price should magically disappear.

I've had good luck with these guys. Give 'em a whirl.

I needed one more pair of sunglasses for the boat (a lovely 1979 runabout, not the yacht you'd expect I assure you), and decided I needed to check out the fastest shipping option. I also wanted to get something to show my love for those wacky Reno 911 deputies.

Here you go.

I went with the aviators (in the silver, to tone down the cheesiness ever so slightly) from They were $65 shipped with the top shipping option (I think it was just under $16). I really like them, but I'd seriously consider getting the high index lenses next time. I was experimenting here to see with the ENORMOUS lenses if the high index mattered more. It does. The bigger the lens, the thicker they are at the edges.

They're totally wearable, they're just a bit thick for my taste.

The shipping time? I ordered just before midnight on Thursday and they were delivered on Monday. Yeah, that's lightning fast -- and probably worth the $16 for those of you as antsy as I am when I order something online.

License and registration, ma'am?

The fine folks over at have stepped up with an exclusive 10% off for all of us in the GlassyEyes Army (silly, I know, but I like the visual of all of us lined up in our fancy new specs -- it's a nerdy Army, but look how thrifty we are).

Anyway, looking at the ratings, you seem to like the, and $35.10 is even better (you can check my math if you'd like).

I ordered a pair not long ago and got them in two business days. Something to think about the next time you can't wait two to three weeks (and have an extra $16 in the wallet).

Here's the link (the discount is attached to it):
Save 10% on any purchase from exclusively from GlassyEyes
(I've also updated the link in the permanent links at the top of each page)

It took many months, but you finally did it. I think the New York Times article on Saturday got us there a week or two early, but notice the lack of the hated Google Adsense advertising (maybe you missed them, buried at the bottom of the page). I (finally) got to the coveted $100 mark.


Now, who haven't I tried yet?

I've been following the saga of "Sue_4_eyes" the past week or so. She ordered from Eyeglass-Direct and has had huge issues with them. Up until today it looked like there was a chance for the company to make good.

Read these posts to see what has transpired.

If you're thinking about going that route, you may want to reconsider ordering from a "non-2-star shop" (our first!).

I've updated the review for the site also with a (very large) note. Buyer beware!

Albert, over at Optical4Less has graciously tossed us a 10% off discount code for his trendy looks:


I've enjoyed the pairs I've gotten from O4L and hope to pick up another pair this summer.