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Hope everyone had a nice weekend of festivities (or lack thereof as the case may be)!

I love it when I get a visit from the beast. To be honest, I rarely check my daily visitor logs (who has time?), but when I do, one of my favorite views is the "recent visitor map". It never fails to motivate me to continue when I see visitors from all over the planet.

There are a few places that I look specifically, though; the LensCrafters HQ in Ohio and the Mothership di'supremo in Milan, Italy. I got a visit from Cincinnati, this afternoon.

Perhaps they're looking into eyeglasses they can actually afford?

120B6E1D-44B9-4FE6-94A9-D64D5C8E6D50.jpg...and it lasts for the REST OF THE YEAR.

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This is becoming a bit of a non-event -- in as much as it's becoming quite a regular event of the holiday season.

Today only, EyeBuyDirect has it's Two-For-One thing going again along with the same restrictions -- and nice options -- as usual.

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Here's that link again.

UPDATED: Thursday, December 3, 2009.

Goggles4U has never been much with their additional discounts to their already low prices. The 5%-off I've had is about the best deal you're going to find.

Double that to 10% between now and December 7th. the foreseeable future.

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Recently, I stumbled upon an analogue to buying eyeglasses online. I used to think of shoes, but it's not the same. They're mass-produced and I've exchanged as many pairs to Zappos due to size as I've gotten right the first time.

No, this is a custom industry that has at least one company doing some wonderful things in order taking and tracking that could easily be implemented by the online eyeglasses stores -- online window blinds.

How is it similar to online eyglasses? Measurements are very important. If you're off by a half-inch (or even less in some instances), you're left with some nicely-packaged uselessness. I followed the same method of entering my measurements as I would an eyeglasses prescription, and then double and triple checked it against my notes and a re-measurement of the windows before hitting submit.

My order went like this:

  • I went to
  • I found the type of blinds I wanted to order.
  • I entered my measurements.
  • I chose the details and extras I wanted for the blinds.
  • I added them to my cart.
  • I entered payment information and hit "submit".
  • My order number appeared on the page along with the order details.
  • My computer "dinged" at me as an email hit my inbox.
  • I opened the email and saw something very interesting: bypass.png
    It also had a prominent link to check to status of my order.
  • I double-checked my entered measurements and clicked "Bypass Hold Time".
  • Two days later I got another email stating that my blinds had shipped.
  • Two days (and a half-hour of work) later they were blocking light -- very nicely.
I challenge the online eyeglasses retailers to take this list, do a search and replace on the word "blinds" and pop in "eyeglasses", use their own URL and make this their order process. Give people a chance to verify and if needed fix their own problems. And if they're willing to sign off on their order, let them bypass the "hold time".

Don't hide the status of the order from the customer. Promote the hell out of it. I've never heard of anyone complaining about getting too much information regarding a financial transaction.

Give people the information they crave and you'll do a lot less damage control as people complain about being kept in the dark.

I wish I could say this was the first time I've written on a topic like this. Just over a year ago I stressed much the same thing and it's still not caught on.  

Anyone out there listening?