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While this may appear as a bit of "tooting-your-own-horniness" (I know, I know), it's actually a tool to get people to the site through the search engines (hence my name and "SmartMoney" in the title).

I had a pleasant phone interview with journalist, Anne Kadet a couple of months ago about the site and the eyeglasses industry in general. She wrote up her piece which apparently is on the last page of the April issue of Smart Money Magazine. I'm mentioned, but the site isn't named.

That's a drag (and a bit of a gaffe I think). I read at length about effective usability of media and while this is a print publication, wouldn't it have been more user-friendly (and useful) to just provide the link? A pet peeve.

I tried to get a copy at the local bookstore today, but they're still showing the March issue.

As always, I'm hoping to build the community here and get as many user reviews as possible. I truly think we can shape the tide that brings all of the online eyeglass retailers to even higher levels of quality and service, and cut into the rampant gouging of the mall retailers. We already are making a dent.

If you're finding us because (or even in spite) of the Smart Money article, welcome and check out the retailer ratings/reviews above. They'll get you what you need to know to make an informed -- and thrifty -- decision.

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At March 15, 2007 at 1:24 PM Anonymous said...

Thanks, I was looking for your blog as a result of the SM article. I've often wondered what made frames so expensive. Maybe titanium or something, but most of them are plastic. Thanks for bringing this to the forefront.

At August 8, 2007 at 8:36 AM Anonymous said...

I was wondering what the markup on online eyewear is?? I have seen some of it and it is pretty cheap crap. Since there are no other real qualified people helping you to find it...there is no one to pay, and therefore the person running these sights are just as greedy as those at large companies. There are no regulations they have to follow and you cannot go and chew them out face to face if they screw up your eyes. I was sort of wondering if you might be the one behind it you own one or part of one of these sites??


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