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I decided to use and I wasn't disappointed. I ordered a pair of really basic, plastic frames with the included lens option. I wanted to get a feel for what $26 could get me -- including shipping -- in a pinch. I got the glasses, nicely contained in a funky case, within 2 weeks (even ordering during Chinese New Year).

They're solid. They're not something I would've picked out in the store, but like all of the purchases I've made, I'm looking for something more than just the look. That said, I don't hate the look of them. I've also come to a realization that I could probably get used to myself in all sort of eyeglasses -- stopping short of the things Harry Caray lived and was buried in.

Anyway, for those curious, here they are:

One thing that surprised me was the lens thinness. I'm a -4.25/-3.00 and have been talked into the high-index lenses so many times I want to cry. These lenses are thin -- fully enclosed in the plastic frame. As with anything here, your prescription and experience may vary.

I'm happy with these.

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At March 5, 2007 at 11:08 AM Anonymous said...

As a -5.75/-6.00, I would be extra interested in hearing about your (and other's) experiences with any of the high index stuff purchased online. Thanks for all your research!

At March 9, 2007 at 5:21 PM Unknown said...

I purchased 2 pairs from goggles4u and I am VERY impressed. At this rate, I can buy a pair to match every outfit! I have a 4.25 so I paid a bit extra...$31.00 US for each pair!! :) I will buy online from now on. I even have prisms in both eyes and they got them in there just fine. I have gotten more complements on the glasses I got online than any other pair I've ever had and I love to tell people I got them for $31.00!

At March 26, 2007 at 11:17 AM Anonymous said...

hello! choqokat (again), here.

i've commented before, but nothing was posted...

anyhue, my son has (an?) astigmatism and i'd like him to try glasses like the brown pair in your photo. he doesn't want rimless and he likes (read: is obsessesd with) black. he knows i wouldn't steer him wrong but, now that he is over 20, he tends to negate what i recommend...unless i'm paying. he's been wanting a pair of Rx shades for a while and this frame (it looks good on ya!) may just be THE ONE. what do you think?

otherwise, i will be buying two pairs from two different sites (due to frame limitations) and i want to thank you for starting all of this. fanTAStic!

At March 26, 2007 at 11:23 AM Ira said...

Thanks! Here is a link to the pair I got -- in "coffee".

The temples are a bit "flashier" than I'd hoped... but that's my fault as they're VERY CLEARLY pictured -- one thing this site does very well.

The frame construction is quite solid. They're well made.

Good luck.

At April 7, 2007 at 9:24 PM Anonymous said...

Perhaps I've just bought into the hype and fear-mongering of retail eyeglass places. I thought you had to have your face measured and the glasses actually "fitted" once you bought them?

I would dearly love to be able to get my specs online, since with my Rx (I have prisms in my lenses), each pair costs me close to $300.

At June 27, 2009 at 6:28 PM C-Go said...

thanks glassy eyes! I just bought two pairs.. I have been with scratched up and old hurting-to-look leanses for way too long! My father always thought getting two pairs of glasses was ridiculous. But I have no hair so I have to have awesome glasses! Got two pairs for under 100$.. my dad didn't believe it and is ordering some tomorrow. :D


At June 27, 2009 at 6:30 PM C-Go said...

I am a -5.75/-6.00 also, and I just bought 2 pairs for under $100, even with express shipping. My dad always says that two pairs of glasses are ridiculous, but he almost didn't believe that I got them for the price. He is getting some tomorrow! haha


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