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How do you read a prescription?

I've come across this a few times and Alan emailed me this morning with a dandy of an idea, why not post a link to this wonderful resource?

That's the reason this is working so well - education and collaboration.

We've been getting lots of traffic the past few days.

Seems like someone over at a closed optometry forum finally found out about us.

Welcome! We're the people you've been screwing for years.

No longer.

P.S. You might want to click the links above (order a pair or two -- you've got plenty of cash) to see what you're up against.

As if a pair of quality glasses for $25.99 shipped, with all coatings (and even sunglasses tint tossed in) wasn't a good enough deal, Goggles4U offers a 15% "Repeat Buyer Discount" that drops the price on a basic pair to just over $22. Here's the info straight from the site:

I am a repeat customer. How can I get my 15% discount?

Place your order and send a request for 15% discount at along with your order number. We would be happy to refund your money. Please note that your card will be charged with the discounted amount if you inform us before shipping your order. If somehow its delayed we can always refund the discount to your account. In any case please feel free to contact us.

My primary pair was one of the first pairs I ordered from Goggles4U. They're the only ones I don't wear playing with the kids (because they are no longer in stock -- and I love them so much).

While this may appear as a bit of "tooting-your-own-horniness" (I know, I know), it's actually a tool to get people to the site through the search engines (hence my name and "SmartMoney" in the title).

I had a pleasant phone interview with journalist, Anne Kadet a couple of months ago about the site and the eyeglasses industry in general. She wrote up her piece which apparently is on the last page of the April issue of Smart Money Magazine. I'm mentioned, but the site isn't named.

That's a drag (and a bit of a gaffe I think). I read at length about effective usability of media and while this is a print publication, wouldn't it have been more user-friendly (and useful) to just provide the link? A pet peeve.

I tried to get a copy at the local bookstore today, but they're still showing the March issue.

As always, I'm hoping to build the community here and get as many user reviews as possible. I truly think we can shape the tide that brings all of the online eyeglass retailers to even higher levels of quality and service, and cut into the rampant gouging of the mall retailers. We already are making a dent.

If you're finding us because (or even in spite) of the Smart Money article, welcome and check out the retailer ratings/reviews above. They'll get you what you need to know to make an informed -- and thrifty -- decision.

I decided to use and I wasn't disappointed. I ordered a pair of really basic, plastic frames with the included lens option. I wanted to get a feel for what $26 could get me -- including shipping -- in a pinch. I got the glasses, nicely contained in a funky case, within 2 weeks (even ordering during Chinese New Year).

They're solid. They're not something I would've picked out in the store, but like all of the purchases I've made, I'm looking for something more than just the look. That said, I don't hate the look of them. I've also come to a realization that I could probably get used to myself in all sort of eyeglasses -- stopping short of the things Harry Caray lived and was buried in.

Anyway, for those curious, here they are:

One thing that surprised me was the lens thinness. I'm a -4.25/-3.00 and have been talked into the high-index lenses so many times I want to cry. These lenses are thin -- fully enclosed in the plastic frame. As with anything here, your prescription and experience may vary.

I'm happy with these.