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Updated: 11/9/2009
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Not entirely clear, but not a US company.

Many eyeglasses have come shipped in oddly-cool sewn cloth bags from Pakistan -- at least they used to.
Phone: (888) 368-1239 - 9AM to 5PM Eastern Time (Mon - Sat)

Pricing: USD (and 4 others)

Payment Options: All major credit cards [NOTE: They use a US Payment Processor -- CCNow, which simplifies things, unless you live in Minnesota (which I do), where I get to pay tax for glasses -- a non-taxable item. A minor inconvenience, but still...]

Summary of Services:

Goggles4U was one of the original places I ordered eyeglasses online. Their perfect delivery was instrumental in this "crusade". I've ordered a number of times from them and have been happy in each instance. Another of the sites that I trust. They've spent quite a bit of time and effort making their site very usable and offer perhaps the most robust search capabilities in the group.

Their selection is vast (and eclectic), easily the largest of the sites I cover, but it's not deep -- meaning if you see a frame you like, it's a good idea to buy it now, because they may have as few as one pair available. They have many designer frame closeouts buried in the mix. I've gotten two pair of Max Mara frames that I love -- in fact my trademark pair is one of these.

Located outside of the United States, they rarely suffer from the shipping delays of some of their other global counterparts (*cough* Zenni *cough*). They may be manufacturing in multiple countries.
I have a decent relationship with this company, so I can often help out in the rare case that you have unresolved issues with them. They stand behind their products and really favor GlassyEyes customers. If you need help, email them at ''.

A solid choice.

Online Try-on?:

Yes, though virtually useless. There are no measurement scales. You *might* be able to get an idea of the size, if you layer over a pair of glasses of exactly the same total width. Should be better.

360 degree views of the frames are really nice though. No more surprises in the temple areas.


Not the finest of the group, but they almost always come through in instances that they absolutely should.

As of 5/11/2009:
(from the site) firmly exercise highly customer friendly policy.

Not satisfied with the quality of your eyewear
In case you are not satisfied with the product quality you may return the product to us for a refund. In such cases you are entitled to receive the full frame price and 50% of the price of prescription lenses. You must return the product at your own cost.

The lenses are not as per my original Prescription:
Its very rare that the lenses produced by us are not as per your prescription but if this is the case then is 100% responsible for refund or reshipment. In case where you have entered the wrong prescription during ordering process, we may not be held responsible but you can contact our sales department to claim extra discount on further orders in order to minimize loses.

I never received my eyeglasses or it arrived damaged:
If the product is lost in transit or damage you may claim your 100% refund or ask for immediate replacement. We may ask you to send a digital picture of the merchandize received for record.

The frame or lenses broke after few days. is unable to provide any warrantees in such cases however you can always contact our sales department to solve such problems.

I am not happy with the size of the frame.
Goggles4u may not be held responsible if you select a frame which is not of your size. In such cases the customer can return the product for full price of frame and half price of lenses. The shipping must be paid by the customer.

I am not happy with the thickness of the lenses or lens edges on my eyeglasses
Goggles4u may not be responsible in this case as the lenses thickness also depends upon the size of the frame. In such cases you can return the glasses for full frame price and half price of lenses.

Whom to contact in such cases:
You can reach us at for your refund/replacement or to discuss any other issue related to your eyeglasses order.

Measurements Provided:

All (Size, Temple Length, Total Width, Lens Height)



  • Least Expensive Package: $29.99
  • Basic Lens: $17.00 (1.56 index - CR39?)
  • Mid-Index: $30.00 (1.59 Polycarbonate)
  • High-Index: $35.00 - 45.00 (1.61 and 1.67 index Plastic or GLASS 1.71 index)
  • Lined Bi: $35.00 - $45.00 (CR39? For some reason you can get these without coatings at $35 or pay$10 extra for coatings. A bit confusing)
  • Progressive Bi: $49.00 - $77.00 (CR39? For some reason you can get these without coatings at $49 or pay$28 extra for coatings. A bit confusing)
  • Photochromic: $26.00 - $54.00 (Glass @ $26, CR39? @ $54 -- both 1.56 index)
  • Polarized Sun: n/a
  • DriveWear: n/a
  • Anti-Reflective (AR): $0.00 (Included) *not available on glass lenses
  • Ultraviolet (UV): $0.00 (Included)
  • Scratch-Resistant: $0.00 (Included)
  • Tint: $17.00 - $35.00 (basic colors glass or CR39?)

  • Lowest Ship: $0.00 (All orders)
  • International shipping is available to MANY countries.
Production Time:
  • From personal experience, expect 2 weeks or a little longer to the middle of the United States.
  • From the site: "With regular shipping the glasses will take 10-12 days in transit. With DHL shipping the transit time is 5-7 days. In both cases certain conditions may apply. We are not offering express shipping from USA."

In the forums...

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