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Hello everyone,

Things have been a bit quiet around here for the past few months and there are a number of reasons why.

First, I've been busy with client work. This is a good thing. The economy seems to be headed on a positive course and it's been filling my hours with opportunity.

Secondly, the State of Minnesota has enacted a new Internet taxation policy that effectively shuts me and any other affiliate income funded blogs and websites down. I could move I suppose, but there are too many things to love in this state. If you don't already live here, it's a cold, horrible place to live, you'd be much happier in Wisconsin. ;-)

I'm not against internet taxation, I just hope that the Federal government can come up with a tenable plan that works for states and internet retailers. I'm not optimistic this will happen soon.

So where does that take us? I'm not shutting things down at this point -- expenses are paid for the rest of the year. I am potentially looking for a buyer in a state that has no personal income taxes -- this is the safest bet long term.

I'll look into the possibility of adding traditional advertising to help offset costs. The effect of that is likely to be more posts and broader content to justify and increase the value of the simpler flat-rate ads.

I'm still wearing glasses and am still excited about the market shift that has happened in this field over the past nearly seven years. I talk to more and more people wearing affordable, online, eyeglasses. They're enthusiastic and so am I.

Hope you're having a wonderful summer -- don't forget the sunglasses!

- Ira

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I'll be on the Colin McEnroe show this afternoon on Connecticut Public Radio WNPR talking about the eyeglasses industry and how online options have begun to change it. You should be able to listen online here:

 We'll probably also hit on Luxottica -- a hot topic since Leslie Stahl's lazy (and late to the party) report on 60 Minutes at the beginning of the month.

Take a look at that here: