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I got a call from what appears to be Pakistan this afternoon. I'm honestly not sure how they got my phone number, but I'm glad they did. I've been attending to family business in Fargo for nearly a week and have been trying to get things worked out over the now nearly ubiquitous WiFi connections in the hotel, hospital and coffee shops.

Goggles4U has been a solid choice, and one of the first places I've tried since I was thrust into all of this. I've been concerned over the past few weeks at what seemed to be a dramatic drop of the ball when it came to dealing with customer problems.

One thing I've seen from G4U is that they always seem to either solve the problem or refund the customer's money when there is a problem, and that hadn't necessarily changed. It was just taking much, much longer to get a response (if one could be gotten at all).

I had a couple of people ask for my assistance and I was finally able to punch an email through to them. The customers seem now to have been contacted and hopefully this "clog" has been cleared for good. The person I spoke with talked of spam filters acting up and replacing the system they were using (it was supposedly even blocking some of the email from their own "contact us" form).

Regardless, things appear to be getting back to normal.

They assure me that all attempts at contact using the form on their site will be answered within a day or two. Please let me know if that is not the case in the coming weeks.

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At March 26, 2008 at 11:22 AM David Morning said...

Actually, I had this problem with them when I ordered. There was a problem with the order and they needed me to re-send my prescription, but every time I emailed them it bounced, saying the server had blacklisted me (this was my first time buying from or contacting them, so this made no sense). In the end I had to contact them through the online form.

It's good to know they're dealing with this problem, even if it wasn't an isolated incident.

At April 19, 2008 at 5:42 AM Anonymous said...

I just received my glasses from them. My first pair of online-bought spex. The transaction was painless. I can't remember exactly what day i placed the order, but it was less than 2 weeks ago. Which brings me to my only complaint about them. There's no "My Account" section on the website to track orders or even see when you placed your order.

Anyway, i have no complaints for a nice pair of stylish $29 glasses.


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