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Updated: 11/10/2009

Zenni Optical


Zenni Optical
27 Sunny Oaks Dr.
San Rafael, Ca.94903

Factory in China

Phone: 1-800-211-2105

Pricing: USD

Payment Options: All major credit cards, PayPal

Summary of Services:

This is the 900-pound gorilla of online eyewear. They know it and don't make any apologies for the lack of any sort of niceties on the site, to their customers and otherwise. They deal on price -- flat out, and while some of the sites are getting close to them in that regard they are still the cheapest in most cases.

You'll wait longer with them than most of the others. There have been a number of cases of customs delays in the past few years.

The site design, apart from being a time machine back to 1996, has been known to drive people mad (at least it has come close for me).

On the other hand, they supply all of the frame measurements -- something a number of the other retailers inexplicably miss.

I've yet to find anyone to reliably contact to deal with issues as they arise, so I can be of little help with them if things go wrong.

People either love them or hate them. There really isn't much middle ground.

Extra strength (prescription is greater than sph -8.00 , or +6.00, and /or cyl greater than -2.00, or +2.00. ) will run you an extra $9.


As of 11/10/2009:

We take great pride in delivering a quality product at an incredibly low price. Each order is carefully checked by our certified technicians for prescription accuracy and optical clarity before shipment. Since all orders are custom produced and unique, all sales are final. Please be very careful in filling out the order form.

If you are dissatisfied with your eyeglasses for any reason, they may be returned for a -50% refund within a period of four weeks. We do not reimburse for shipping and handling of orders returned for a refund. If the glasses are being returned for a warranty issue, this must be completed within the 30 day period, as well. We do not address warranty issues beyond a thirty day period.

The industry standard on custom produced merchandise is that the order is charged at the placement of the order, and that there is no refund due if the order was filled in accordance with the specifications of its placement. Zenni Optical's policy of a fifty percent refund on this custom made product, is, therefore, very generous.

If the glasses are being returned, it is necessary to call the office and receive a Return Merchandise Authorization number. Returns and refunds will not be processed without this number. Our phone number is 1.800.211.2105, and our hours are 0900-1700 Pacific time, M-F, holidays excepted.

Measurements Provided:

All (Size, Temple Width, Total Width, Lens Height)



  • Least Expensive Package: $8.00
  • Basic Lens: $0.00 (1.57 index)
  • Mid-Index: $17.00 (1.61 index)
  • High-Index: $35.00 (1.67 index)
  • Lined Bi: $17.00
  • Progressive Bi: $29.00
  • Photochromic: $39.00 -$59.00
  • Polarized Sun: n/a
  • DriveWear: n/a


  • Anti-Reflective (AR): $4.95
  • Ultraviolet (UV)*: ???
  • Scratch-Resistant: ???
  • Tint: $4.95


  • Lowest Ship: $4.95
  • $4.95 Standard
Production Time:
  • From the site: "SINGLE VISION: In most instances, a single vision pair of glasses will be delivered in approximately 2 weeks after the placement of the order. If you’re ordering single vision, and you’re on the West Coast of the U.S., the period may be shorter. Most non-domestic single vision orders arrive in approximately two weeks of placement of the order, and are shipped directly from our overseas lab via Hong Kong Post.

    MULTI-FOCAL: A multi focal pair of glasses (lined bi-focals or progressives) requires approximately two and a half to three weeks (extra options) for delivery from the date of the order, in most cases.

    ADDITIONAL OPTIONS: If you’ve ordered extra options such as tint, anti-reflective coating or a photochromic lens, this time may be extended by several days. From time to time, procurement of the high index and photochromic lens blanks may be delayed and the orders may take up to approximately three weeks for single vision and 4 weeks for a progressive, at the outside. This happens rarely, but can occur unexpectedly. "

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