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If you get a chance to think about yourself today, take a look at some of these great online eyeglasses sales:

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It's been quite awhile since a retailer approached me with a different approach -- and more importantly a different inventory filled with so many name brand frames.

We're entering a time where it appears that most of the sites have begun to bleed into each other a bit, each borrowing what they assume is working well with the competition. This isn't necessarily a bad thing for consumers looking for a good deal as much of this change has been focused on efficiencies and competing on price.

Eyeglasses123 is also competing on price, but there is a difference. They carry a large selection of designer frames at the lowest prices I've found online. Each week I get a couple of emails asking where to find a specific frame online. Up until now, I've pointed people towards FramesDirect or BestBuyEyeglasses as they've each done a decent job at lining up massive selections of designer frames at less than designer prices.

I randomly chose a couple of frames from Eyeglasses123 and searched the other two sites. Here is what I found:
Prada 17GV

Eyeglasses123 FramesDirect BestBuyEyeglasses
$120.00 $153.00 $162.99

Ray-Ban RX 6124

Eyeglasses123 FramesDirect BestBuyEyeglasses
$88.20 $144.88 $104.99

It's been difficult to get an "apples-to-apples" comparison for online eyeglasses at the discount level, but this is it. A pretty remarkable price differences for genuine name-brand eyeglasses. But don't forget...


There is no comparison. If you want to order current name brands online, this is now the place to go.

Eyeglasses123 doesn't have the breadth of selection that BestBuyEyeglasses has, but they whip them on price -- and the selection of designer frames is excellent, easily the best in the discount class. They're not closeouts either, if you're looking for something from a more recent season.

Not interested in name brands? Eyeglasses123 offers a number of nice collections of house brands that will satisfy many of you looking for something different. For me their bold Vintage eye-wear priced between $38 and $78 hits the mark. They're not the cheapest for the generics, but they're certainly the cheapest for brands like Georgio Armani, Gucci, Burberry, Hugo Boss, Claiborne and dozens more.

The site is designed very well, starting with the search and filtering. Drilling down into the collection will present you with a manageable selection to choose from, and save you from extreme choice paralysis. Filter by gender, price, shape, material and more. It's fun to shop for eyeglasses -- even more so when you don't have to scroll through pages of styles you're not interested in!

They're located in the United States which will cut down on delivery times and ease returns. The return policy is decent as well -- 14 days after delivery for any reason, and they'll pay return shipping if the item is defective or damaged.

I ordered and received a very nice pair of eyeglasses from Eyeglasses123 and will have the full review up in the next couple of days.

Take a look and see if they fit your needs.

Big thanks to the people at 39DollarGlasses for dropping off a $20-off per pair promotion to help with the celebration.

From now until November 17th, you'll save big on online eyeglasses from one of the originals.

Here's the link and thanks again guys!

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Use it!

Ends on November 20th.

Thanks guys!

Four years ago today, I started the GlassyEyes site after getting my first two pairs of online eyeglasses and posting about them on my personal blog. It's changed my life. I now have lost count of the pairs I own and the money I've saved. I no longer fret about breaking my glasses and have been able to justify the cost of prescription sunglasses -- a luxury for most.

Through those four years, I've gotten so much help in spreading the word. The forums and comments are rife with helpfulness and sharing. I'm not keen on shouting in an empty room, and this has never been empty -- from day one. You're the ones who've made this what it is. I thank you.

What's next? I'm in the process of evaluating and giving a bit of advice to a couple of new retailers. Updates will appear as my orders are fulfilled. There are more choices now than ever. Quality is improving as retailers learn from past mistakes.

I'll keep working to make sure that you get the best deals on good eyeglasses and that you'll get satisfaction when things don't go as they should.

Thanks again and look for some special "birthday deals" in the coming hours!

My dad had cataracts a few years back and had the surgery that gave him essentially the eyes of a 45 year-old -- he can see distances fine, but still needs glasses for reading. He and many of his contemporaries are always asking me for advice on reading glasses. They can be expensive at the corner drug store, and as I'm finding as I get older it becomes easier and easier each year to lose things of this size.

The first thing that struck me about this place is the name. It's perfect. It speaks to it's audience and provides a WIDE array of reading glasses or "cheaters" for the "baby boomers".

You'll find a hell of a lot more style options in this store than you'll find on that spinning display at Walgreens that the kids are always playing with.

Had the neighbor order a pair and they arrived quickly and worked perfectly.

Prices start at $4.99 and shipping maxes out at $5.99 no matter how many pairs you order. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee on everything.

Give them a try yourself (or let mom and dad know) and get 10% off on over 3000 Reading Glasses. Use code: BOOMERGO