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Ongoing: Click here for 15%-off EVERY ORDER at EyeBuyDirect This is the best ongoing deal on the internet for EyeBuyDirect!
Goggles4U drops prices, drops additional discount codes. People are concerned, but this is still one of the best places to buy online. Link!

Today is the last day. If you're looking to get a couple of pairs for yourself or a loved one, the time is right -- and you can get two pairs for the price of one just because you know of the GlassyEyes site.

I've had a comment that this sale is only for the frames. This is incorrect. There are restrictions, like minimum $14.95 purchase, and this sale only includes single vision with anti-scratch lenses... You'll do best checking it out on the site. If you need lens upgrades, you'll pay for them for both pairs.

This is a great sale to pick up a couple of extra pairs of glasses or save big (as in more than 15% when you deck out two pairs.

Special thanks for the cool GlassyEyes-only banner for this sale. They've done a nice job on this.

Ends at midnight PST.

I had a really great conversation with my contact at EyeBuyDirect the other night about the state of the online eyeglasses industry and what they're doing to fix some of the shortcomings they've identified in the process.

They're a thoughtful group over there.

They're aware that some of the customer service issues over the busy holiday season left some people waiting longer than they are used to (or unable to contact them easily) and he's dedicated to improving this right now.

They've also created a custom, exclusive TWO-FOR-ONE sale this weekend for us.

Click here and use code "glassy241"

Take advantage of this and use it as an opportunity to introduce a friend or family member to the awesomeness of online eyeglasses!

Now through Sunday evening!

[UPDATE! Post Recycling! There is another BOGO, today, Wednesday, January 27th!]

I considered the title "It's Monday so it must be BOGO" but EBD has been mixing it up a bit lately with the timing of these events. I'll hang on to that title for future use -- it's *that good*.

Anyway, I you're in the mood for a couple of pair of basic glasses (or prescription SUNGLASSES), but only want to pay for one, this is something you'll want to check out.

Typical restrictions apply. See EyeBuyDirect for details.

[Please excuse any typos. It's snowing in the Twin Cities so I'm taking the bus to catch the train downtown.]

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This one caught me off-guard (and on a new gig all day, so I was unable to update the site). Eschewing the more typical Monday BOGO, they're doing it on a Friday.

If your date canceled, and you're wondering what to do tonight, hit the site and order yourself a pair of fashion eyeglasses!

See EyeBuyDirect directly for details. They do a better job at describing the always-present exceptions.

Big props to one of my most loyal twitter followers @jennahw for pointing me towards this amazing work of eyeglass-art by Stuart Haygarth (via VeryVeryFun).

As I told her yesterday, I think I'll have to start one of these now and keep adding to it as my eyes degrade into my 40's... 50's... 60's...

In fact, it's given me an idea for a new project to start -- in my massive amounts of free time -- as a combo light fixture/eyeglasses storage device.

Seems like the steady stream of two-for-ones has come and gone for EyeBuyDirect. This 20%-off deal is a good one -- particularly for those of you needing the higher-end lenses or multi-focals.

If you're a bespectacled dude (or know someone who is), get that total to $60 and you'll only pay $48.

Here's the Link. Use code "Glassyeyedmen" for the 20%-off.

[Valid through 1/18]

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I was approving messages this morning and came across one that I've talked about before but which warrants a bit of a refresher. IT's one of the more common hurdles in talking yourself into buying your first (and there will be more once you've taken the leap) pair of online eyeglasses. I won't hit all of the specifics -- but you can at the original post.

I don't know exactly what it is about my face that makes most glasses look bad, but whatever it is, it's not going away. Maybe it's related to the thing that makes 2 frames with the same measurements fit me in completely different ways - as in, one pair will fit fine and the other won't fit at all.

I can deal with this by trying them on in the store, but - of course - I want to get mine online! So how do I go about doing this?

I felt the same way you did. The fact of the matter is, the style center of the brain starts to wrestle with the economic portion when it sees the $250 price tag dangling from the frame. The result is clouded vision that doesn't allow you to really see the frames. I could *never* find a pair of frames I liked. I'd spend hours in the store -- paralyzed.

Since I started ordering online, I've only gotten three pairs (out of 40ish!) that I wouldn't wear every day, and two of those was purchased on a lark.

They're not expensive. My advice is to use the measurements on a frame you like (concentrate on total width if you can) and find something similar. Order up, maybe at EyeBuyDirect (for 15%-off) and see what you think. If you can't live with them, return them.

My guess is, you'll be surprised how you feel when they arrive.

It's been a challenging year for many of us. I'm an optimist by nature (though my wife may disagree with me at times) so I am looking forward to what 2010 will bring.

Here's to all of you who continue to help spread the "GlassyEyes Message" -- and URL -- to your friends and family. This site would be nothing without you.

I hope to reach many more in the coming months and am looking for ways to help in that regard. Send me an email, or a tweet, or a facebook message and let me know your thoughts and ideas.

Thanks again and I wish you all the very best in 2010.