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Oops! According to a couple of people, it's not working. Odd. Very odd.

The guys at EyeBuyDirect sent me an email earlier today extending the sale through Monday.

See this post for all the particulars.

Nice, and they don't need to send in the junior developer to turn it off on the weekend. ;-)

We all win.

Sorry everyone!

30% off > 15% off (at least through Sunday)

If you've been on the fence on a new pair of glasses, or have seen something over at EyeBuyDirect that you wished was just a bit cheaper, I can assure you that 30% is a bigger savings than 15%.

Those elegant $35 dollar memory titanium rimless frames are only going to set you back $28. Or think about it as actually having them pay you a nickel for the AR coating ($7 savings - $6.95 AR coating = one shiny nickel in your pocket).

There are many new frames in all categories. Perhaps these for your wilder side for the effective price of $12.56. Add about $12 for UV/AR coatings and they're in your cart for under $25.

I know many of you (the ones who can instantly figure out what 15% on your bar tab is) are saying "enough with the math already, show me the code!"

Here it is. It's good now through Sunday, April 19th (but NOT on designer frames, sport glasses or non-prescriptive sunglasses):


Just enter the code in the coupon box during checkout.

EyeBuyDirect has a $100 Sweepstakes thing ending on Monday as well. Post on the aptly named "Wall of Frame" to enter. People actually do win these things so enter early and often!

As we've talked about so many times, for first-time online eyeglasses purchasers, getting the PD has been the highest (and certainly most annoying) hurdle to clear. The forums are lousy with stories of optometrists holding the values hostage.

I got an email from Cathy yesterday that made my eyes light up. There is a sea change taking place and (I can't believe I'm saying this) insurance companies may be behind it.

Cathy got an email from HealthPartners and here it is:

The Consumer Watchdog section of this Sunday's Pioneer Press is scheduled to include an interview with Dan Nelson, M.D., an ophthalmologist and associate medical director for specialty care for the HealthPartners Medical Group. Dr. Nelson was interviewed in response to a patient complaint about a HealthPartners eye clinic not providing a pupillary distance measurement as part of the patient’s eye exam. The patient wanted the measurement in order to purchase eyeglasses on the Internet. In the interview, Dr. Nelson emphasized:

Traditionally, pupillary distance is not part of the eye exam but it is a measurement taken by opticians when you purchase eyeglasses.

With the recent growth of low-cost Internet-based prescription eyeglass retailers, more patients will likely be seeking this measurement.

HealthPartners has changed its policy to provide the pupillary distance measurement to patients who request it because we want patients to have an accurate measurement. Some Web sites suggest that customers can do it themselves using a ruler.

HealthPartners will be working on incorporating the pupillary distance measurement into the eye exam to accommodate patients who wish to purchase eyeglasses on the Internet.

Patients with strong or complicated prescriptions should avoid purchasing eyeglasses on the Internet because there are a variety of measurements, in addition to pupillary distance, that are important in order to enjoy optimal vision from their eyeglasses.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Cathy! I expect many other insurance companies will follow suit on this. In fact, it'd be a great idea for you to force the issue with yours!

Good luck!

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