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Measure Twice, Cut OnceI'm rarely chased by Sabre-toothed Tigers. I sit at a desk most of the day, so my adrenal glands are a bit under-utilized. What does get them going is when I'm about to place an order online.

Is my credit card information correct? Have I entered the proper shipping address? Is THIS item the one I wanted -- at the price I want to pay?

My mind races trying to make sure that everything will end up right. I do my part to make sure any screw-ups don't come back to me.

That said, I've been in a hurry in the past and made mistakes, and learned from them.

When I order glasses, I don't hurry. I double and triple check my prescription. I do all of the same checks on the shipping and billing information and I've only had one "bad" pair in thirty. That bad pair didn't come from one of my "picks" (and at $15 price, I dropped them in a Lion's Club box and moved on with my life).

If you are careful and take your time to understand the process, you will be rewarded with great glasses at a fantastic savings.
I've gotten a few emails over the past couple of weeks that speak directly to attention to detail in relation to ordering online eyeglasses. Those things riding your nose (and ears) are custom, made to order based on the information you enter on the websites. Mistakes can happen -- let them not be yours.

Keep in mind that problems occur in a tiny percentage of total orders. This process, with the proper information can be very, very easy, economical and wildly satisfying.

If you have a question on your prescription, get in touch with the retailer, or post a link of a scan of it to the forums. We can help you decipher that ridiculous chicken scratch.

So "measure twice, cut once". Fixing mistakes once an order is placed can be a headache. Catch it first and you'll be happy.

Script Keeper One more thing... Use the "ScriptKeeper" functionality on this site to store your prescription and you'll never have to rifle through that desk drawer again -- and copy/paste can be your friend next time you find a pair you absolutely must have.

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