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"Larry Who?" wrote a comment to this post ("Expired Eyeglasses Prescription? Oh NOES!!!!!!!11") that both had me nodding my head and rolling my (quite comfortable and healthy) eyes. He makes some good points (before descending into the all-to-familiar rhetoric and un-informed blow-hardedness of someone who sees the gravy train leaving them behind on the platform). Here's one:

...prescriptions expire for a good reason, especially in the case of contacts. Contact lenses all cause progressive damage to the cornea, like it or not. Thank your lucky stars that your contact prescription expires, thus forcing you to see the doctor so he can stop your cornea from turning into a raisin by saying "you are no longer compatible with contacts".

I think my thoughts on prescriptions have changed a bit. I mentioned at one point, only a couple of days into this eyeglasses blog journey some things about the artificial expiration of the 2-year eyeglasses prescription. Many of us have been forced by price-gouging optical stores to "get by" with old glasses.

The difference in struggling to see through scratched and beat-up old glasses and using that 25 month-old prescription to get a new pair (sans scratches) didn't seem like much of a decision at all, but with the cost of your next pair of glasses now being out of the hands of these brick and mortar stores, you can -- and certainly SHOULD -- afford to get your eyes checked REGULARLY.

Let's make this new, better way of getting glasses lead to better eye health with regular checkups. Remember, that $50 checkup doesn't have $400 in "additional parts and labor" attached to it any longer. Stay current!

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At September 5, 2008 at 1:49 PM Mike Katz OD said...

nqtocyes you are right Ira. Exams shouldnt be put off because of you pocket being emptied by the final price of the glasses. many will skip the exam ans say, I'll save that.
Lets go the other way. Fair priced fair "open source" ie, let me help you order these online, it is your option. This is your bc, this type would be better, maybe even provide a list for those clients looking to shop this way.

Everybody makes out, except the big greedy corporation's volumes will eventually shrink, no less the small shops.

The survivors will the good fair guy who was always"pro choice?", honest straight up.

We'll see the future as it unfolds, I also think this futuristic view is a lot closer to the starship earth than many think. I think it is literally happening before our eyes, no pun intended and I'm glad to join you pioneers as you "test fly" the way of the future, feeling undue g forces in the form of frustration, anger etc.

Hello to all

Mike Katz OD

At September 11, 2008 at 12:28 AM Anonymous said...

With the optometrists losing the lucrative glasses business, they will probably start charging $300.00 for an eye exam.

At September 21, 2008 at 3:22 PM Mike Katz OD said...

Not really, if we could tuck ourselves away in prof centers and out of very expensive store fronts, we could do it for a fair price considering proper use of technology etc.

A lot of that overhead goes to the landlord!


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