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Ongoing: Click here for 15%-off EVERY ORDER at EyeBuyDirect This is the best ongoing deal on the internet for EyeBuyDirect!
Goggles4U drops prices, drops additional discount codes. People are concerned, but this is still one of the best places to buy online. Link!

Many of you already know that your flex-spending accounts can be used for eyeglasses. Depending on your plan, you may only have a couple of days left to use that money or forfeit it to the plan administrators.

You don't want that.

$39DollarGlasses is giving it's customers (and potential customers) an extra reason to "drain that account". Get yourself or loved one a new pair of specs from one of my favorites.

Use code: FSA15 at this link to get $15-off each pair of eyeglasses!

NOTE: The IRS has instituted a grace period of 2 1/2-months after a plan year ends in which you can submit receipts for FSA expenses. If your plan ends Dec 31, you have until March 15. If your plan-year ended on October 15th, HURRY UP!

*** Ends 1/2/2011 (2011?!?!) at 12:00AM. ***

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Pretty sure this one ends this weekend.

Here's the link and the details:

This has always been my favorite
EyeBuyDirect sale. Each year, I buy at least one of these in order to truly get 50%-off. I find the glasses I want, price them out with the features I'd like and buy the appropriate voucher to do the deal.

It's a great way to get all the things you need at an already great price and then hack half of that off!

There are restrictions and this deal won't last forever. It's also not the easiest thing to find on the website, but here's how you do it.

Click here to go to EyeBuyDirect -- directly.

You're going to see a big advertising area in the middle of the page. You can watch this scroll through the offers for 30 seconds or so, or click the "Gift Vouchers 50% off" link currently to the bottom right of this area.

Here's a screen capture of the pertinent area:

The vouchers are one-time-use, meaning use the full amount because you're not getting money back.

Have a friend or relative who is hesitant to buy online? BOOM! Your holiday shopping could be over in moments.