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Goggles4U drops prices, drops additional discount codes. People are concerned, but this is still one of the best places to buy online. Link!

Today marks the beginning of the fourth year of this online eyeglasses adventure. My glasses broke on October 24, 2006, but I didn't decide to order online until the 27th -- when I realized just how much I could save.

There is another related anniversary coming up in the next couple of weeks -- the Fourth Anniversary of the site itself. Hoping to have a couple of nice deals to mark the occasion.

Also, keep tuned for reviews on a couple of new sites to add to the mix -- at least one of which specializes in affordable name-brands!

More soon!

The exclusive deal ended late last week, but you can still get $15-off on each pair at 39DollarGlasses until Sunday, October 31st.

Use this link and the code "FALL15" to save as much as 38%!

On Friday, I gave you the three day warning. If you've been putting it off, you've still got the rest of the day -- TODAY (Monday) -- to get your two pairs of eyeglasses for roughly the price of one.

The link is the same and is RIGHT HERE.

I'm never sure when these are going to happen, so when they do, I usually take them up on a couple of pairs at a really nice price. They've also tacked on additional discounts on thinner lenses.

They have some nice new styles too.

Here's the link.

If you're in the market for some new glasses, this is a great deal. Hundreds have already taken part and you have one more day to join them.

Here's the link!

Pardon the brevity, but I'm away from my desk for a couple of days.

I'm not sure that this is related entirely to EyeBuyDirect being mentioned on something called "Dr. Oz" last week or not, but at any rate they've decided to turn up the wick and bring back their most popular offer until October 25th.

This is always a huge promotion and as always, early orders get the benefit of the typical first-in-first-out processing (so come on payday!).

They've added a number of new frames and some of them are quite decent and hip fall/winter looks -- I'm looking at you, Sacramento, Glarus and Bakersfield.

There are always disclaimers on sales like these, but suffice it to say, your second frame with basic lenses is free. Add-ons are extra per pair, but they're subtracting an additional 15% for 1.57 lenses and 20% for 1.6 lenses. This is a solid deal especially with their reasonable coating prices.

Order Now.

Since I started the site, 39DollarGlasses has always given the visitors at GlassyEyes a good price on quality glasses. I got an email today telling me that they're lowering the price for the next 10 days another $15-per pair.

This is a great time to order a set of fall frames, maybe something a little bigger -- and bolder -- than you've been wearing.

This promotion ends on October 22nd, so CLICK HERE to act now.