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Deja vu time...

A couple weeks back Goggles4U had a 30%-off online glasses sale. It's back and it lasts until the afternoon of Monday, July 26th.

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As always, their stock is limited. If you see "the one", order it, because it's liely to be the last one.

Have at it.

So this thing ends at the end of the day on Sunday, the 25th -- 2AM on the 26th for us in the Central Time Zone of the United States.

It's been a BIG SALE and time is definitely running out.

You still have time to get those eyes checked if you need to and get that order in on a couple of great pairs of glasses.

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It's back! EyeBuyDirect is doing another Buy One Get One sale from Monday, July 12 until Monday, July 26th.

This is always a big hit with a lot of people, both experienced online eyeglasses buyers and newcomers.

One more thing...

For GlassyEyes Readers it STARTS TODAY -- ONE DAY EARLY! 

Get in today before all of the riff-raff start clogging up the order queues! The fact is, EyeBuyDirect is able to handle most of these big sales pretty well, but you'll definitely wait an extra day or two if you delay.

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See site for further details and clarification.

Erin Schneider, the "Cheap Chick", did a great piece on the site today on the local Twin Cities FOX affiliate. Here it is...

Thanks Erin!

Here's a link to her site, for this and more ways to help stretch your dollars.

Here's a dandy from Goggles4U starting on Saturday afternoon.

Use the code "BigSale" with this link and get 30%-off.

Goggles4U has great prices and almost never goes this low with discounts.

Their stock is limited, so if you think you see something you like, pull the trigger, because it may be the only one.

Good luck!

Ends Tuesday, July 6.