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Ongoing: Click here for 15%-off EVERY ORDER at EyeBuyDirect This is the best ongoing deal on the internet for EyeBuyDirect!
Goggles4U drops prices, drops additional discount codes. People are concerned, but this is still one of the best places to buy online. Link!

Here goes week two!

EyeBuyDirect has done so much to push the online eyglasses idea into the mainstream over the past few years. They listen to suggestions and they offer a great warranty which has allowed many to get past the nagging question, "What if they don't work?"

They're always apt to toss us a good deal, and this week is no different. In fact there are three good codes to use this week -- all EXCLUSIVE TO GLASSYEYES. One will very likely fit the bill for you.

Deal #1: Click here to get the GlassyEyes 15%-off AND free UV coating -- that's essentially 15%-off + $5 additional discount for a necessary coating for their standard (and my favorite) CR-39 lens.

Deal #2: Click here and use code "Glassysun" to get 20%-off on all designer sunglasses.

Deal #3: Click here and use code "Glassyclip" to get 20%-off on all Magnetic Clip-on eyeglasses. This is the line of eyeglasses with the integrated magnetic clip on -- not the cheap add-on.

By default, you'll see the 15%-off in the cart. If you're using deal #2 or #3, you'll have to select the "Apply Coupon, Loyalty Dollars and Vouchers" checkbox and enter the appropriate code.

Take advantage!

Ends July 4th.

And away we go!

The good folks at 39DollarGlasses approached me and wanted to do something big and exclusive to kick off the summer with GlassyEyes.
"Absolutely!", I exclaimed. "Let's do the $20-off thing again. People love that one."
So, here we go. This is the big one for 39DollarGlasses. $20-off every pair when you use this LINK (or click the image above).

This effectively cuts the price on a basic pair of glasses in half, and makes a not-so-basic pair very attractive in price. This is a fantastic deal and a great way to either try them out for the first time or order your second, third or fortieth pair of glasses (as the case may be).

39DollarGlasses has added new styles of plastic and metal eyeglasses over the past few months and is excited to be able to help kick off the "Spectacular of Summer Savings!"

Ends June 30th.

Welcome to Summer! -- officially at least.

Things are ready to heat up for the next few months around here with some of the best online eyeglasses deals of the year. If you're in the market for glasses and looking to get a great pair at a great price, you've lucked out.

Every summer event needs its requisite alliterative name, so let this one be the Spectacle of Summer Savings! But feel free to call it whatever you want -- so long as you remember to keep up with the deals.

Our first deal will be released this afternoon and will be from one of our top retailers. There will be a new promotion weekly (or bi-weekly depending on the length of the deal) that is sure to brighten your summer and get those old glasses relegated to your top dresser drawer or the Lion's Club box at the mall.

If you're new to online glasses start by reading the very popular "How It Works" post and go from there.

Stop by later today and make sure you start following the updates on Twitter or RSS and by "Liking" the site (see that "Like" button up top?) if you're a facebook regular.

Tell your friends and as always let us know how it goes!

There is no reason that that should ever happen with prescription sunglasses prices as low as they are to us online. Find a pair of glasses you like and turn them into sunglasses by adding an 80%+ tint for as little at $8 more. I find myself ordering a pair of sunglasses with almost every order I make -- they're so useful!

Once you have a few pairs, the real issue is making sure they're properly spread out amongst the car, house, bag and even friends houses! My problem today is due to just that -- improper spreading of sunglasses assets. I have three pair in the car and none where I need them -- on my face.

Anyone else have this problem?

Apparently things are changing in the overnight shipping industry. It piqued my interest and led me to this testimonial.

This past-president of the Iowa Optometric Association talking of using FedEx Express to ship glasses around the state of Iowa makes me wonder what the difference is between that happening in Iowa and it happening across state, country borders -- using the same FedEx services.

I can't be sure of this optometrist's stance on "online eyeglasses", but generally I've seen that optometrists seem to have slightly fewer issues with it than the opticians -- which really shouldn't be a surprise as opticians have the most to lose.

I realize that this whole "BrownBailout" campaign is propaganda from FedEx, but I found his comments relevant to the online eyeglasses market.

ED NOTE: The term "propaganda" in it's purest form is not negative, but neutral. I don't know enough about the "UPS Bailout" to have a strong opinion either way at this point.