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[Big thanks to @single_spark for pointing this out to me!]

PD (Pupillary Distance) will now be required for all eye exams -- effectively removing the last minor hurdle towards ordering eyeglasses online. This is great news.

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Here's hoping the US follows suit!

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When you have three boys quickly growing out of toys and clothes you donate to whichever charitable organization has the next truck coming through the neighborhood.

Digging through all of the donation receipts this year for the Vietnam Vets, Goodwill, and Lupus Foundation I wondered to myself, "Self? What about those old glasses?"

I've always known I could drop them in a Lion's Club box at a couple of different doctor's offices and [shudder] optical stores in town, but never considered the tax benefit of doing so.

There are guidelines, but they're loose. I plan on talking to my accountant on Thursday evening to get a better idea, but in the meantime here is a link to some more information on the topic.