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Ask and ye shall receive.

I queried the GlassyEyes Hive Mind last week looking for some storage ideas for my burgeoning collection of eyeglasses. It outgrew two drawers and space being at a premium, I was searching for something that would make it easy for me to see what I have while making organizational sense.

I got a number of really good ideas (click the collage above for a better view).

I was thinking of building a wall-mounted system on my own, but after seeing a couple of the photographs people sent in, I realized my perfect solution was pre-existing and right in front of my face (literally). My anguish turned to glee in a matter of moments.

It may not be for everyone, but it works great for me. An additional tick in the pro column, is that it provides me a some motivation when the blogging muse is a bit quiet.

Replication of this system will set you back between $5 and $15, plus some anchor bolts.

Here are a couple of links (I use the first one, but depending on your situation, the second, cheaper option may work out just fine).

No IKEA in your neighborhood? Check EBay using the same search terms.

Pardon the Prince-ism.

The old GlassyEyes promo code expired over at Optical4Less a few weeks back. I got a couple of emails on the subject which prodded me to contact Albert. Within a few hours, he forwarded me a new promo code good for 10% orders of $29 and above. This one expires in 2029.

The new promo code is:


O4L makes it worth your while to order a second pair (maybe SUNGLASSES?) to get the free shipping (that's a minimum of a $16 saving). The OVERSTOCK area has a number of nice frames for $15 -- though you can only order one pair of overstock frames per order.

Do yourself a favor and get a second pair.

A fellow eyeglasses addict, "Dean" emailed me last night looking for advice. I'm one for helping out if I can, but this instance left me asking for his advice as much as offering any.

My girlfriend and I followed your site, and love it! We each own four or five pairs of glasses and sunglasses, and all of that cost less than *one* pair used to.

So, help! How do I store these neatly? Any suggestions for a rack
for a bunch of eyeglasses? :-)
I'm approaching three dozen pairs of glasses, at least two dozen of which get regular wear. The problem is that the myriad cases are taking over much of top of my dresser, a table in my office and even the kitchen counter. I know there are a number of places that sell optical supplies, but I seem to have some trouble spending more on a rack than another pair of eyeglasses.

Here are a few options that I've found:
I've found a few other options online that cost more than I want to spend -- or would make my office feel a bit too much like an optician's nightclub. I'm a utilitarian at heart, so I don't really care too much what it looks like. No frills necessary.

I have a DIY idea that I've yet to act on (but includes furniture-grade plywood, a drill and a couple feet of 1/4 inch dowel). The current situation is getting rather dire -- and the weekend is approaching. Perhaps now is the time.

I've asked this before -- a long time ago -- but what are you doing to store/display your collection/eyeglasses wardrobe?


P.S. Send me pictures and I'll post them. I'm curious to see what's going on out there. Bonus points for economical/homemade solutions.

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An hour ago, I got an email from a person wondering about their order and having trouble getting answers. I immediately forwarded the email to my contact at 39DollarGlasses.

Ten minutes later, I got an email from the CEO of 39DollarGlasses -- a great guy. The problem had been rectified as evidenced by a big "Thank You ;-)" from the customer in question.

I've written about customer service a number of times in the past and I'm sure I will in the future. There is room for improvement in a number of ways.

In this case, the blizzard in New York and some miscommunication got in the way.

I've seen some pretty solid steps forward in the two and half years I've been researching and writing on the subject -- all the while the volume of traffic to these sites continues to grow.

These are big changes, but there has been a constant as well. Every time I've approached 39DollarGlasses on behalf of a customer, the issue has been dealt with quickly, professionally, and to their satisfaction.


It's nice to know that this is the case. I'm able to confidently tell the customer, with all certainty, that things will work out.

Another of the many reasons "Why I do it."

Hello Ira,

First of all, I want to send you a great big THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for creating GlassyEyes!

The information you've gathered, the experiences you've shared, and the spirit you've fostered, have not only saved me money, but have made a difference in my life.

I'm in my fifties, and have been myopic since childhood. In my twenties, I had surgery for detached retina in one eye, so I have a somewhat unusual prescription that many opticians call 'difficult.'

I have been dissatisfied my whole life with the service I've received from opticians. One look at my prescription, and they steer me to the ugliest frames in the store. Every detail is a pitched battle.

My beef with conventional opticians is not only all the abuses that you chronicle so well, but an entrenched, patronizing attitude toward the very people they exploiting, rather than serving.

I ordered from Frames Direct before I discovered your site, and the results were good. I was able to get very good high-index lenses for substantially less than through my local shops, and without the annoyance and attitude.

But with what I've learned from GlassyEyes, I've created a whole wardrobe of great glasses. :-))

Now, I even have rimless titanium glasses, which all the local opticians insisted were impossible for me, that 39dollarglasses made, flawlessly and brilliantly. They're my current favorites, and the ones I get the most compliments on.

As we all know, the right glasses for the right occasion make a huge difference in how people treat you. Of course, just liking what you see in the mirror before you leave in the morning, for once, makes a huge difference, too.

I hope this message puts a smile on your face, too, now, and every time you see your reflection again in a drugstore window, because you know how much you've done for so many of us!

With warmest regards,

Thank YOU. I appreciate the kind words from you and everyone else who writes the emails I get to read while I eat my oatmeal each morning. I rarely start the day in a bad mood!

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