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Ongoing: Click here for 15%-off EVERY ORDER at EyeBuyDirect This is the best ongoing deal on the internet for EyeBuyDirect!
Goggles4U drops prices, drops additional discount codes. People are concerned, but this is still one of the best places to buy online. Link!

(it's a 96 hour sale for us!)
BREAKING NEWS: I just got an email from the guys at EyeBuyDirect. Not only have they updated the site (AGAIN!), they're clearing out stock with their Yearly Clearance Sale. Once again, they're giving us at GlassyEyes a big head start on the general public. Isn't it nice to be "in the know?"

What does this mean to you? It's a Buy One Get One Free thing. The discount doesn't stack on the 15% GlassyEyes discount, but hey, if you need (or want) two pairs of great glasses at a great discount (UP TO 50%!), then this is it.

They've beefed up their inventory. If you haven't looked recently, I think you'll see some pleasant surprises in the collection.

So, pop in, take a look and see if anything suits your fancy -- did I really just type that? Anyway, it's a great deal.

Use any of the links in this post to be taken directly to the offer details. Hurry, for best selection -- apparently, everyone else gets in on Monday.

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At February 6, 2009 at 3:31 PM Green Sea Anemone said...

Excellent - I was just coveting two pairs on their site earlier this week. Sold! Thanks again, Ira (and EBD.)

At February 6, 2009 at 8:20 PM Anonymous said...

It's not quite clear from their conditions whether you can add options like UV coating and/or antireflective coating and still have this apply. I'm sure I'll find out over the weekend when I'm ordering, but it might be nice to have clarification.

At February 7, 2009 at 7:21 AM Green Sea Anemone said...

Alan, I noticed with my order that the "get one free" amount applied only to the frames with single vision lenses without any additional coatings. You can add them, but you'll notice the price of the coating is added to your total after the offer is applied.

At February 7, 2009 at 9:26 PM Anonymous said...

Well then that's fine - I just didn't want to go through adding everything, then discover that because I ordered sunglasses that I was paying full price for 3 pair


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