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I thought it had gotten a bit quiet around here, with only a trickle of blog post comments -- and then I opened the old email address (and the one that I opened this blog with).

Panic ensued.

There were dozens of comments that hadn't been auto-forwarded to the new address. I went through all of them and approved them earlier today and am in the process of making sure something like this doesn't happen again.

Thanks everyone for keeping things lively around here.

The two things that stick out the most to me about 2008 and my (affordable) eyeglasses obsession are the economy tanking bringing about an even clearer vision for why I do this, and the whole Sarah Palin glasses thing. It's been quite awhile since eyeglasses received such a spotlight in this society.

What eyeglasses-themed items are you recalling from the year that is/was?

EyeBuyDirect has upped the ante once more. Note the discount link to the left is now at 15%. It's a good time to buy -- don't forget that flex spending account!

The people over at EyeBuyDirect have been busy. Busy becoming more and more irresistible. Not only do they have the voucher thing going, but they wanted me to pass along an even bigger everyday discount to you.

They've gone from 5% to 10% exclusively through the GlassyEyes site.

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Thanks guys!

Fifty percent off.

It's an eye catcher, but it also makes me giggle a bit. It's a great feeling to find a deal like this -- it's even better when you're saving 50% off of something already being sold at a 70 to 90% discount.

And that's really what we're talking about here.

I've been a fan of EyeBuyDirect for quite awhile, and the improvements they've made this year have taken them to another level. Pricing, the satisfaction guarantee, and the new look and features of the site are raising the bar for the other retailers. That, and they've really been open to suggestions.

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It makes a great stocking stuffer for that overly cautious nearsighted brother-in-law of yours. Maybe your co-workers glasses are in dire need of joining the twenty-first century (or even the twentieth). This is a great gift with almost no risk. It's a solid company and if the giftee (which certainly could be you as well) gets something that doesn't work, back they go and try something else.

On top of all of this physical benefit, imagine being the person who opened this other person's eyes to the possibilities of online eyeglasses. You will be saving them thousands of dollars over the course of their lifetime with this information alone.

Happy Holidays! Buy a voucher!

As many of you know, Goggles4U unceremoniously disappeared from the internet on Monday. There was a struggle to get through to them as email bounced.

Good news! They're back!

A hosting issue took them down -- and when DNS goes bad, the email stops flowing as well (one of the reasons I like to use GMail for contact email accounts).

I spent my entire childhood (adolescence, and early adult) years squinting in the sun. I wore lots of baseball caps, but when you have such beautiful hair as I do, you need the ladies to see it. So I squinted. I wasn't pulling down the allowances today's kids do for all of their video games and scooters and cell phones, so my crows feet advanced. Today, my kids (none of whom have succumbed to my vision genetics yet) wear sunglasses when it really bright out. Winter is one of those times (along with summer, fall, and spring).

I still see the bespectacled kids at their school squinting on their way from and to the buses, however. With what we've learned about eyeglasses prices at GlassyEyes, there is no reason that these children shouldn't be able to see in the sunlight like the rest of the kids -- and they can do so with better quality.

For less than $60 at 39DollarGlasses, you can protect your child's eyes from UV rays (and keep those crowsfeet at bay) while providing a nearly bulletproof polycarbonate lens for physical protection.

Believe me, I'll be looking for these the day one of my sons needs them.