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I got an email a couple of weeks ago asking how "Project Dean" ended up. It has been awhile, and my first thought was to pass along the link in the previous sentence to all of the articles -- and then I realized that I had never finished the series. I stubbed in the title for this piece and it got buried under dozens of other posts.

We live a few hours away from Dean and when the glasses were ordered, we had a plan to swing by his house on the way to the in-laws, but it never happened. I talked to him on the phone after they arrived from 39 Dollar Glasses and apart from a minor adjustment, which his eye doctor was gracious enough to do, they were perfect

Dean doesn't have a camera -- so it was nearly lost to the ages, until (thanks to his neighbor) I got a photo in my email yesterday.

Here it is.

More importantly, it's been four months of daily wear and they're still pristine. Proof that you can have success with progressive lenses online.

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At October 30, 2008 at 7:10 AM Jennah Watters said...

My mom purchased a pair of photochromic progressives online from Zenni (about $80). She loves hers too!

Despite warnings from her eye doc that thy wouldn't work well, that the transition point would be off, etc, she now wears those more than her expensive doctor ones, and has another pair of progressives from Zenni on their way. Just pick from the sections that they specify will work for bifocals (generally a slightly larger lens) and you should be fine.


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