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The folks over at EyeBuyDirect have been working on their site. Seriously, take a look. They relaunched with a new look at the end of April (and I've been remiss -- and really, really, really busy -- in commenting on it).

I've always considered EBD to have one of the better looking and behaving sites of the bunch, and this new version is even better. It's "busy", but there is some good content to dig through as well.

It will appeal to a younger audience, one more familiar with today's social networking. There are numerous ways to share photos and comments.

This girl has some seriously white teeth -- and a better price-point...

than one of the original doofuses they had posted back in April:

Most importantly, and this is what is currently setting them apart from the crowd, check out the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

This guarantee is good on non-designer frames (we typically don't care too much about them anyway) for 7 days, but after that, a 70% refund is still in place. This is a huge change and not to pump my chest too much, came about partly from a conversation I had on the state of their previous guarantee with Roy Hessel, the CEO of EyeBuyDirect.

It's difficult to compare the guarantees of the retailers (though I will try in an upcoming piece), but one thing is certain, this is a big leap forward -- especially for those unsure of the process and whether they're ordering the right size frames.

EyeTryTM is the name of EyeBuyDirect's interactive try-on feature. It appears to work as advertised -- if not a bit on the slow side. I find tools like this to be useful, particularly for those unsure of how online eyeglasses works, or those brave souls willing to try a new style. Here's one that gave me the results I expected:

You can even share your saved pictures or ask an "optical expert his (or I assume 'her') opinion". I haven't heard back just yet on this. It's only been a few minutes though.

And with prices starting at $7.95 (including these), I could build a Halloween costume around this bold number. For those like-minded, I'm wearing the "Carlton" and:
"The Carlton welcomes you to its plastic world: Square lenses surrounded by a particular transparent/brown color, with arms to keep the balance you need. Strong glasses for the ones with a strong personality."
Nice to see some humor -- at least I hope it's humor.

I admire the work they've done and the important changes they've made. They're pushing the other retailers -- something keenly important to those of us in the market.

Knowing what I know about this business from the viewpoint of a web developer, blogger, and as a customer many, many times over, none of this is easy stuff. I like the decisions coming out of EyeBuyDirect and think if you haven't given them a try (or it's been a long time), now would be a great time to place an order.


NOTE: If you're listening over in the EBD IT department, you might want to add a server though, or at least restart the application -- a bit pokey today.

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At June 24, 2008 at 11:44 AM Sorghum Crow said...

FWIW, I ordered from eyebuydirect. 7.95 frames, progressive lenses. Total with shipping $51.00 or so.

They are not set up to correct for prism, but mine is very minor and my most recent pair of glasses was the first time I've had the correction. Those glasses met an untimely end when they slid off my face onto a chainsaw. I did not have 250.oo to spend at my local optician, so I went online.

The glasses are due here next week. I'll update when they arrive.

At June 25, 2008 at 6:49 AM trishy said...

I just purchased my very first pair of glasses online with EBD, and I'm very satisfied. Sturdy, attractive frame, scrip is spot-on, and order turnaround was nine days. I spent a bit more than I thought I would ($103.61) because high-index lenses are an additional $42. But still a bargain compared to the optometrist! so overall, A++++++!!1! would definitely buy again!!!

At July 7, 2008 at 10:17 AM Sorghum Crow said...

My update.
I received my glasses and am very pleased with them. I received emails from Eyebuydirect at every stage of the process. I'll stick with them for future purchases.

At December 19, 2008 at 12:47 AM Ask A Life Coach! said...

I'm getting a wee bit irritated with eyebuy because I can't SAVE. have to re-upload pic every new frame. had 6 frames sitting and saved, went to cook dinner, came back was logged out and they were GONE. grump.

I'm gonna do this, the question is, with who. I gotta try em on, but so far optical4less (I think) interface is a TON better. too bad I dont like their glasses as much as some fo the others.

I want cute and angular girly modern glasses, for a roundish middleaged face.


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