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Upon return from my weekend up North, I see this disaster. I have no idea what has caused it and my loosely planned evening of playing Mario Kart is now to be filled with unraveling the mystery of the disappearing site format.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

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At May 27, 2008 at 12:12 AM Ira said...

I think it's mostly fixed. Let me know if you see anything else that needs fixing as far as broken or missing images.

At June 4, 2008 at 9:53 AM Anonymous said...

This post is incomprehensible for anyone who doesn't already know what you're talking about.

At June 4, 2008 at 11:32 AM Ira said...


Thanks for the input. Let's see... the site basically broke when my hosting company decided that serving images was something they didn't want to allow me to do.

I moved the images to a less desirable place, and they appear to be displaying properly now.

Proceed with your day. Nothing to see here.


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