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I just spent the weekend in Pipestone, Minnesota. We camped in a pair of tepees with some friends (and about every RV'r West of the Mississippi). Once you've gone to the Pipestone National Monument, and walked through town, there really isn't a whole lot left to do but go to the pool -- especially when it's 98 degrees and there aren't a whole lot of trees (tepees as well designed as they are, weren't apparently fitted with air conditioning).

My point as related to the eyeglasses thing is this:

I didn't worry about breaking my glasses once. I wore one of my pairs of sunglasses in the pool all day, and didn't worry about losing them at all. Now, I wouldn't be thrilled if I lost a couple of twenty dollar bills -- the cost of the glasses I was wearing, but I also, wouldn't be in despair. The same can not be said of losing or breaking a $400 pair of glasses.

I swam with them and played with the kids and they're good as new.

It's nice to have one less thing to worry about.

Also, if you're going to get stuck in an RV park, pick a weekend with a daytime NASCAR race, you'll have the pool to yourself -- you'll thank me.

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At July 19, 2007 at 4:47 PM Anonymous said...

One thing that it would be great to see on this blog is a summary of your personal experiences with each vendor. Now that you've had time with the glasses how would you rate things like frame/lens quality/robustness and which vendors are you most likely to buy from again.


At August 28, 2007 at 3:24 PM Anonymous said...

I had an eye exam at a local ophthamology/optometry group practice recently. It was determined that I needed reading/computer glasses. While my eyes were dilating they took over to their optometry shop and showed my some frames. I saw a nice pair for $160.00. I was told that my eye plan paid $150.00 and that there would be some other incidental charges. After my exam was finished I went back to the tech and finished placing my order. She was a little vague on the total price and what my share would be. This is the first time I have purchased eyeglasses mind you. No one told me that I could take my prescription elsewhere or online. Yesterday my glasses came in and I paid my $168.00 share and took them back to the office. The correction for the computer and reading did not seem to work right and every time I turned my head everything went Salvador Dali, wavy and distorted. Then I looked at the bottom of the reciept and realized that I had just paid $519.00 for glorified reading glasses! (that didn't work) I took them back today and got my $168.00 back, but they said that they could not refund the $351.00 to my vision plan. I contacted the plan immediately and suggested that they demand their portion back. Then I started doing research and found out that it probably cost about $25.00 for the materials, labor and manufacture of my glasses. What ripoff! Aren't the lenses all made by machine now? Quality should be fairly consistent, even with the online discount suppliers. Boy, have my eyes been opened!

At September 3, 2007 at 6:13 AM Anonymous said...

it sounds like the put you in progressives,and didn't bother to teach you how to use them prperly. ALL progressive lenses will have distortion away from the mid section. they are designed with a distance corection ( which may actually be clear, no Rx) an intermediate channel and wider reading area at the bottom. You need practice and proper instruction on how to use these. Depending on you Rx, you may be able to amek due with over the counter reading glasses for about 15$, if you are only using them for computer and reading. Also, it sounds like insurance fraud to me......they can "refund" the insurance plan, they probably had not even seen payment at the time you returned them........


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