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Got a note in the forums about a person who used a discount code from another site when buying a pair of glasses from Goggles4U, and thought to myself, "Self, where the heck is my code?"

A quick call to the folks at Goggles4U delivered me a code -- it's an easy one to remember too:


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Doug, in the forums posted a question:

I could not find comparisons on what the percentages of tint really
look like, nor an indication of what they mean when they say "brown"

Any chance you (or others) could post some pictures to give some clue
on this?

I like dark sunglasses, mostly because on a bright, sunny day nothing else will do. I love my transitions, but not for driving (I think the UV windshield precludes them from darkening to the fullest extent).

Here are the two most recent pairs (both with 100% grey tint):

(Please excuse the smirk... not sure what that is all about.)

The people over at EyeBuyDirect have redone their website. It's looking really nice. Check out their "Try-On" service.

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I get comments, typically from the highly invested optical folks on ODWire, all the time about quality and getting what you pay for. I have one thing to thank them for – the crow’s feet I’ve gotten from not being able to regularly afford to buy prescription sunglasses. As the prices rose on eyeglasses over the past 20 years, and especially after my children were born, I got to a point where a new pair of standard glasses every two years was a bit of a luxury. Prescription sunglasses? Ha!

It's Spring now and one of the things I was most interested doing early on in this cheap eyeglasses experiment was to get a pair of sunglasses. I decided to go with the photochromic lenses (think “Transitions”) on the second pair I ordered. Yes, it was a bit extra, but it’s been well worth it. One problem though, they aren’t great for driving. They don’t get dark enough behind a windshield.

In the last few days, I’ve gotten two pair of (QUALITY) prescription sunglasses – one for each car. They’re awesome. Let me preemptively stop the first question from Joe Optometrist -- yes, I made sure they were UV coated when I ordered them. The pair of Smith sunglasses I have for the rare occasion when I am wearing my contact lenses cost the same as both pair of prescription sunglasses -- combined.

Two more excellent purchases. Now, maybe I should start saving for some “work” on these crow’s feet.