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I'm working on a new post that requires some harder data. I have a feeling on the topic, but I need to validate it to see if that feeling is anything more than just how I approached things.

If you've purchased a pair of eyeglasses online, please answer the first poll.

If you've purchased any subsequent pairs, please answer the second one.

Thanks for your time. I'm hoping to write this piece the week of February 25th, so time is of the essence. I'll likely leave them up and track any changes over time.

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At February 23, 2007 at 11:18 AM Anonymous said...

Hi - as of 9:17 a.m. PST on Friday, your links aren't working...

At February 25, 2007 at 4:14 AM Anonymous said...

I am sorely tempted to purchase another pair of glasses of the rimless variety, but am worried about their durability. I am normally quite gentle with my glasses but I have heard about them becoming loose with a single drill mount. I've been looking at double drill or screwless mounts as an alternative.

Your site has been exceptionally helpful and informative and basically I wanted to get your informed opinion on one additional issue. Is there much of a difference between the 1.67 and the 1.74 high index lenses? Optical4Less and SelectSpecs (I noticed that this Brit company has not been reviewed yet) are the only (besides and they are too pricey) online retailers that offer lenses in this high of an index. SelectSpecs even offers them for roughly $120 which even seems to good to be true.

I'd really like the 1.74 index lenses, but 39dollar glasses is the only one offering the screwless bendable titanium frames with the 1.67 high index lenses from Seiko, apparently optricians swear by the MR-10 resin used in these. Selectspecs has the bendable titanium frames, but come with only a single drill mount (but the super cheap high index lenses!). Optical 4 Less also has the lenses, albeit at a higher price, but I've heard practically nothing but good things about their quality. Unfortunately their frame selection is the most limited and their rimless frames are I believe an unbendable nickle-alloy and single drill mount.

Basically I was hoping if anyone else with prior purchasing experience with any of the aforementioned companies could recommend one over the other. Basically your crusade has given me too much of a good thing and I'm looking for some feedback to push me in one direction or the other.

At September 7, 2007 at 5:56 PM Anonymous said...

I've been looking at MyEyeglasses.Net for 1.74s, though it's MUCH less for 1.67s. I really like how you can specify exact lense sizes and all the options! But, since I've never used them before and they're HK, I wondering whether I should just go for instead. I wish I had some info from other people who had tried the place.


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