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(An excellently composed review from 'horsethiefbandit' -- Thanks!)

Saw a link on Lifehacker and decided to give it a go. Went with the
same hingeless rimless frames Ira purchased. Order was delivered in 10 days. Got an email confirmation of shipping from Zenni. Came with a hard case.

Overall, I'm quite happy with my purchase. In hindsight, I wouldn't have bought the clip on shades -- they are really cheap quality and do not fit the shape of my lenses. I had ordered them because they were only $4, but I'd advise others to save the money and buy a latte.

I also regret not paying for the higher index lenses. My prescription is 3.00 in only one eye and I wanted to keep the price low for my first try online, but next time I'd definitely spring the extra $19 for thinner lenses - especially with rimless frames.

The Zenni web site could be a lot better. It would be nice if the site offered multiple viewing angles of the frames, as well as the ability to view the frames with different lens shapes when applicable. It'd also be nice to see the glasses modeled on a human face. And if I'd seen a visual comparison of lens thickness from mid-index to hi-index, that probably would have sold me on the hi-index.

My overall rating is a 4. The glasses I got were of excellent quality. But they lose a point for the shortcomings of the web site.

I also second his opinions on the high-index lenses (glad I got it on this model) and on the clip on shades, although I still use mine, when necessary, and they're cheaper than even Target or Walmart -- Ira.

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At December 11, 2006 at 2:12 PM Dean Jackson said...

As a quick note that's probably useful to about half of the people who will read this...

If you're farsighted, and can see distance but not up close without correction, your lenses will be thick in the middle but thin on the outside. If you're nearsighted (I am!), you can see close up but not far away without correction. Your lenses will be thinner in the middle, and thick on the outside. If your glasses have a wider/larger lens, this will be even more pronounced.

So, if you're nearsighted, and especially with rim-less frames, the higher index lenses are probably worth the money.

At December 15, 2006 at 7:12 AM Unknown said...

I found your original article on lifehacker. Thank you thank you thank you...the weekend before I had busted the nose piece on my (then) current frames. I went to Zenni Optical. I had my prescription, measured my pupil distance myself (they don't recommend this but too bad) ordered them on 11/15 and had them by 11/24. They are light as hell, clear and people freak when I tell the total ($45 with 2 sunglass clips and shipping and uv and ar coatings) I'm going to try Global for some cheap sunglasses....
keep spreading the word!!!!
Al in Philly

At December 18, 2006 at 2:52 PM Anonymous said...

Has anyone used an online site that offers discounted "brand name" glasses? If so, what have been your experiences? I saw a site called Any experience with this site?



At February 20, 2008 at 2:45 PM Anonymous said...

On January 20, 2008, I purchased two pairs of glasses from Zenni Optical. On February 19, I phoned to find out why I had not received my glass. For two (2) hours I received a busy signal. When I did get thru to the company I was on hold for one (1) hour.
The man who answered the phone was shocked that I did not receive my glasses he said that they “were completed a long time ago” that he was going to put a rush on them by emailing the lab and telling them to send the glasses to me ASAP. This morning I received an email from them stating:
‘Actually we have finished your glasses, but when they went through the QC (quality control) period, we found they were defective, so we have to remake it. That is why it delayed, we will rush your order and deliver your glasses from the lab in China to our office on the west coast in America in about 3 days, and you should expect to receive your order within approximately two weeks. The time may vary slightly depending on your location.’

We no longer live in the time of the pony express. Why should they take longer for me to receive them due to living in the East Coast.

I called again today to have the glasses cancelled and they told me that they can only give me back 50% of my money due to the glasses were already made. I told them then send me the glasses and they said that the order was canceled and they could not send them.

I do not believe that the glasses were ever made. How can both pair of glasses be damaged.

At March 21, 2008 at 7:23 PM Anonymous said...

I have purchased 4 pairs of glasses through Zenni.

Pair #1 - awesome sunglasses with crystals - I have had tons of comments on them. They fit perfect and I like them better than my $300 RayBans. (I reccommend 50% tint)

Pair #2 - Black open style, very modern with white trim on the sides. Again, love them and wear these all the time. These are my main glasses for everyday use. I have gone into optical places and the owner/seller often comments "nice glasses." Price? Around 25.00 plus shipping.

Pair #3 - plastic with crystals on the front - a fun pair for days I want to wear something different. Cost? Around 12.00. When I got them, they felt a bit tight so I just stretched the hinge (I figured 12 bucks, so what if I break them) and they now fit perfectly. The times I have worn them, I get a lot of compliments.

No problems at all but I do not wear bifocals nor do I order anything extra for lenses (thinner etc. so I don't know about those options). It has been a great experience - order, pay, and receive in a few weeks. This site is GREAT for anyone who hates to or cannot pay $300 or more for glasses.

I did order my husband bifocals and I didn't like them (the look of them, functionality was fine) as Zenni will use nothing less than a 32mm lense and I feel that is too big.

If you want the brand name and if you are hard to please - go to your local shop and get your glasses - most likely it is the only way you would be happy with the end product.

If you are more flexible and have a fairly easy face to fit frames it is worth checking out Zenni.

Hope this helps!

At July 25, 2008 at 3:39 PM aidel said...

ordered expensive frame..they broke within 6 months..zenni would do nothing and the reps were rude..the qualit is get what you pay for

At July 13, 2009 at 12:49 PM Unknown said...

I ordered three pairs of glasses from Zenni in early May. I waited about 4 weeks, then called to see when I could expect them. I got through to a person in less than 5 minutes and was told the glasses had been stopped by customs. I asked if that was usual, and he said it happens sometimes. I was a little frustrated and not feeling very charitable about the site so I asked, testily, if I would receive them in the near future. The customer service rep said they already put a rush on another set of three pairs of glasses. I received those about 10 days later. About a week ago, my "seized" glasses also arrived apparently from Customs. In all, I got six pairs of glasses, two rimless flex-titanium, two plastic half rimmed, and two pairs of sunglasses for $60. With my insurance, the pair I bought in May, when I got the prescription cost a total of $125--and they have a stupid "Harley Davidson" logo I'm getting sick of.

In all, I was very pleased with the level I service I received, the quality of the product, and the cost. My wife and I have since ordered another 4 pairs (two each) and are waiting for their arrival.

My only advice is, don't expect to get the glasses very soon. It just doesn't work that way. But, if you're like me, and love saving money, this is an excellent option.


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