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Gimme a break on that, there aren't too many films with "glasses" or "lens" in the title (that anyone has heard of). But I digress (even further).

I think you'll agree the cast of this video certainly makes an advanced degree look a bit unnecessary. They're all very good at what they do -- with the machines and the screw drivers, but even these late 80's glasses would have likely topped the scales at over $200.

To the video!

I always had in my mind, before I went to my first LensCrafters, that there was a guy slaving over my lenses, polishing them just so... this "art" I saw in my mind's eye hasn't existed for a very long time -- and frankly we're better off for it. We have a level of consistency never before seen. But unlike all of the other industries that have taken these efficiencies to the masses, the eyeglasses cartel has been insulated.

P.S. I miss you Mr. Rogers and thanks to 'assemblylineporn' for archiving the footage.

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At November 18, 2006 at 7:41 PM Anonymous said...

Amazing. It's just like a key cutter. The only reason I had been able to get "decent" glasses the last few years was the good vision coverage from my employer ($15 exam, $15 lenses, and a good discount on frames). Unfortunately I changed jobs to an employer without such a plan. I'll definitely check out the sites you've recommended when the time comes to refresh my prescription.

At September 3, 2007 at 6:50 AM Anonymous said...

actually at Lenscrafter and every optical lab out there, there are several people slaving over your glasses to ensure they are made to specs. The video is no longer working, but truth be told you may not need an advanced degree to make eyewear, but you do need a lot optical knowledge, practice, skill and determination to make a quality pair of glasses. Heck, you need all that to even make a crappy pair of glasses.......

At September 3, 2007 at 6:53 AM Anonymous said...

I was not able to see the video, Tony, but beleive me, it is not "like a key cutter". It is insulting to dedicated eyewear lab tech everywear to to equate their skills to that of a key cutter....


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