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I've been doing some work on catching up with the site over the holidays and I came across a bit of a rant in the forums from what I can only guess is an optician or the mom of an optician.

Here it is:

Free advice? Bad advice.
If you only wear glasses at night, if you only use glasses for a computer or you can buy your glasses from walgreens then by all means buy them online. But if it's a prescription, for the love of god, get it filled by someone who is knowledgeable about the trade. If you don't heed this advice also do us a favor and don't bother going to a local optician to have your frames fit or to trouble shoot your problems; you already had your hand in putting him out of business, don't also insult him by asking for his time and expertise for free.
My response to this tripe:
This is a bunch of crap.

I've always said that I'm willing to pay for my FULL PRESCRIPTION, but don't hold a very simple part of it hostage to keep me in your store so you can force overpriced frames and criminally overpriced lenses on me. You expect gratitude for that?

Want to know who has put the local optician out of business? Luxottica and yes, the local optician herself. The world has always been an adapt or die scenario -- for everyone. So rather than whine about how unfair something is, use your brain and try to figure out how to use your "time and expertise" to turn it around in your favor. The old model no longer works -- and hasn't for some time.

Move on already.

- Ira

We've had a couple of our better ongoing deals go dark over the past few weeks.

They're baaack!

After a bit of housekeeping yesterday and helping a couple people get their orders straightened out, I got in touch with 39DollarGlasses and EyeBuyDirect about renewing their exclusive long-term discounts.

Both were more than happy to do it.

As you see over to the left, they're back in their rightful places. For those of you reading this on a smart phone, you'll need to click the "View Web Version" link at the bottom of the page to see.

Here they are...

With these available at GlassyEyes, there never is a bad time to buy eyeglasses online.

I always love this sale. Getting a dollar for fifty-cents is always a good deal, and this one is better because the prices are so low and there are no headaches associated with whether or not thin or tinted lenses are included in the sale.

These are the final days of the sale. Take a look!

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Is it December already?

There are a number of sales this week and rather than post about each of them each day -- and have people unsubscribe, I figured it might make sense to aggregate things a bit.

Here are the current sales today -- which may be added to as the day goes on.
  • Goggles4U continues to run two deals: $29.95 of designer frames, and a collection of free frames with highly discounted lenses. Click here and choose your deal.
More to come!

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