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EyeBuyDirect has kicked off another Buy One Get One Free event today. They've tacked on additional savings on lens upgrades -- which I continue to see as unnecessary unless your prescription is on the strong side.

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Here are the Terms & Conditions:
  • Buy One Get One Free ends June 6th midnight PST
  • Minimum order $14.95 per pair
  • Free eyeglasses- cheaper of the two
  • Offer not including designer frames
  • Offer includes single vision lenses with anti-scratch coating
  • Additional upgrades available, extra charges may apply
  • No double discounts- Buy one Get one Free overrides other coupons & discounts
  • Two (or more) frames have to be ordered to avail of this promotion

Ends June 6th.

Working in the yard over the weekend, in between the bouts of rain, it became clear that I need another pair or two of sunglasses to add to the collection. I've never lost a pair of my glasses (save that pair at the bottom of Lake Marion before I bought my prescription swim goggles) but my sunglasses seem to have scattered to the four winds. I have a tendency to leave them places, and while I usually find them, I was only able to find a scratched pair this weekend.

Anyway, there haven't been any BIG DEALS out there in a couple of months, but hoping that changes over the busy summer sales period.

Going to head over to a few of my favorites (over at the left) and see what is available to help me with my sunglasses deficiency.