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Goggles4U drops prices, drops additional discount codes. People are concerned, but this is still one of the best places to buy online. Link!

This one is less confusing than the last. Looks like a straight 30%-off.

Anti-reflective, anti-scratch and UV-filter coatings are included.

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I've already gotten three emails this morning on how to deal with pupillary distance -- or PD. Here's a link to my most popular article on how to get PD yourself, or with the help of a friend. Be sure to read the comments. There are a number of ways to do this. Try a few of them and compare your results.

The easier way is to demand it from your eye doctor. Feel free to chastise her for failing you if she refuses to provide it. Depending on where you live, it may even be illegal for her to withhold it.

No matter your politics, Anneli Rufus' article does a good job of explaining why you've been paying too much -- and hopefully why all of that is changing.

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If you're an optometrist who is open to working with patients who want to shop online, please get in touch with me. I'm exploring the possibility of launching a list to match patients with friendly, qualified eye doctors across the United States and Canada.

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Prescription sunglasses. I could never afford them when I was getting fleeced by Lenscrafters, and now I'm never without a pair. For as little as $8 more than a non-tinted pair, you're able to go all day in the sun without the eye fatigue and the premature crow's feet.

I carry a pair in my work bag, one in each car and even leave a pair in my bike bag in case I forget to grab a pair on the way out.

They're not just for the (fleeting) days of summer. I find them even more useful in the winter as I head out into the blinding reflections of the sun on the new snow.

I bought a UV meter a couple of years ago to verify that I was getting the lenses and coatings I was paying for. All pairs I've ordered have measured up. Don't forget that UV blocking is inherent in polycarbonate material -- so never pay extra for UV protection with polycarbonate lenses. CR-39 (or regular plastic) lenses need the UV coating.

For me, this is one of the biggest benefits of low-cost online prescription eyeglasses. I spend less per pair than my wife does on non-prescription sunglasses.

How many pairs do you have?

The folks at 39DollarGlasses approached me this weekend with a reprise of one of the classic online eyeglasses deals (and first sale from earlier this summer) -- $20-off each pair of eyeglasses.

This is a big one and a great way to try a retailer you may or may not have used in the past.

This deal ends on August 31st, so get in there and find something special -- maybe stock up on some sunglasses?

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Goggles4U doesn't do sales all that often, and this one is significant (if not a little confusing).

Here is how it's laid out on the website:

Looks to me that, you can buy a $30 coupon for $20 which you have 30 days to use.

If you see something you like at Goggles4U right now -- or have an eye exam scheduled in the next week or two, this is a great way to save up to 33% on your purchase (if my math is correct).

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As the end of summer approaches the deals have slowed a bit, but this one from EyeBuyDirect is really sweet.

20%-off your order from now until August 23rd!

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The place to add that coupon code is in the "Shopping Cart" stage of the checkout. Check the "Apply Coupon, Loyalty Dollars and Vouchers" checkbox and enter it in the appropriate spot.

It looks like this:

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