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We've heard this before, but it's always nice to get a refresher from a person in the know.

As a retired Minneapolis optician I can tell you first hand that we bought our lenses in bulk and most single vision lenses cost less than $2.00 a pair, Bifocals and progressives cost us as much as $6.00 a pair. Frames ..Name brand, up to $10.00, same quality generics cost us much less. Online is the way I buy all of my eyewear, New glasses in under two weeks!!

Even if you simply consider the lenses (throwing the frames out of the equation), you can see the screw-job.


Note: I'm working on a lengthier piece based on an email exchange I had with an optometrist last week. He had many points I'm trying to work through -- fairly.

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I spent some time with John Ewoldt at the Star Tribune over the past week or so talking about this site and my experiences (and yours!) with the various online retailers. I think he did a nice job on it.

Oh, and look at the size of my EYES! I'm stunned.

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